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Here we go, first show of 2008. I miss Calgary.

artist – track title – album title * = Canadian

1. * White Lung – Amy White Out – Local Garbage

2. The Gossip – no,no,no – Movement

3. *The Torrent – Musik Machine – EP 07

4. *The Feminists – The Beginning of the Word – Can’t Scream Loud Enough

5. The Hidden Cameras – Music is my Boyfriend – Mississauga Goddam

6. Club 8 – The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming – The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming

7. *Fall Horsie – A nylon suit and a better beard – From the seam of doors, a cone of light

8. Matt Pond PA – Strafford – Halloween

9. The watery graves of Portlan and/et Genevie – Inqietude – Weener Buddies and Jennifer

10. *Metric – Calculation Theme – Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

11. *Broken Social Scene – Handjobs for Holidays – S/T

12. *Summerlad – City of Noise (single version) – City of Noise

13. *Kara Kieth – Gorgeous gets the cold – S/T

14. *Azeda Booth – Aislinn Bos, Y – Live Sessions from CJSW 2007 comp. v/a

15. *The Boy from ET – Stompin’ Tom Cover – Lives the Part

16. *Christine Fellows – Saturday Night on utopia Parkway – Nevertheless

17. *Kate  Maki – Badminton Raquet – On High

18. Belaire – Don’t Delay, Participate – Exploding Impacting

19. The Pipettes – Because its not love (but it’s still a feeling)

20. Kate Stelmanis – In my Favour – Join Us

21. Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – C’mon baby, say Bang Bang – Love is where the smoke is

Calgary set connections:

Metric -> Emily Haines is in Broken Social Scene -> who played the Calgary Folk Fest in 2006 with Lisa Lobsigner who frequented Caffe Beano (located 17th ave and 12th st ish…) in which I had the great pleasure to work with Aaron and Dean from Summerlad -> who often work with/hang with/ know Kara Kieth (who once complimented my voice….woot!) and all these guys get played on CJSW, whose music director, Myke Atkinson is an integral part of Calgary’s own Azeda Booth.



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