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Well well, look who comes stumbling back after a couple raucous weeks with too little time and too much something else..

I apologize for my radio absence. Last week saw me working the wicked good time that was coat check for the ULSU’s “Last Class Bash” which was full of “bashful” people to say the least. This week had me up in Canmore with other student leaders getting our CASA on. Seriously good times. There is little else I love to do more than hang with other politically minded people and make fun of Rob Anders all night. Well, except for listening to great music and hanging out at CKXU and making fun of Fall Out Boy all night.

However, I was assured Random Nation was left in the hands of  two of my favourite boys. A huge thanks to Fej (of past CKXU fame and lovely all around man) and Kyle (from the amazing show A Torrid Love Affair) for covering my shows. They did an upstanding job and I will be posting their sets ASAP.

Sasquatch is getting closer and closer to me and I am getting subsequently more excited.  Seriously. I cannot even think about it without getting shaky all over. Also getting me shaky – Radiohead tix for their Vancouver date. I’ve got one thanks to one amazing friend. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster so if you have yet to get yours get them ASAP. Thunderbird stadium is an awesome venue and I cannot wait to be in Van City for a bit, I hear there is this amazing Vegitarian resturant which I have made my (very non vegatarian) friend promise to take me.

Speaking of music… The Virgin music hitting up Calgary and it is looking pretty sweet. In fact Calgary’s festival scene in general is looking pretty sweet this summer… Sled Island’s line up is pretty amazing so far. My top pics: Mogwai, Jose Gonzalez, Carolyn Mark, Of Montreal, Deer Hunter, and Elliot Brood. The Calgary Folk Fest has yet to release a full list yet, but so far confirmed returnee’s: Sam Roberts, Great Lake Swimmers and Josh Ritter. The line up is usually released a little late but always worth the wait time. Tip: Always bring your own water bottle. the festival crew are really amazing at ensuring there is always a water source to fill up and it means no two dollar bottles of water for you. Oh and the picks for Virgin definitely include: The Flaming Lips, and umm…Stars and Said the Whale. Really, I am not super impressed with the line up by any means. But I am sure like everything else Branson does, it will be huge and popular and filled with fans screaming things like “yahhhhhhh!” “play that song that’s on the radio” “sign my tits!”.  For a even more fun filled analysis on Sled Island and Virgin, check this post from Annotated Everything.

Basically, festival season this year in looks rocking and if you are in town for Sled Island or Folk Fest. give me a holler. We will share a bevi in a beer garden and look upon the madness together. If you need suggestions of places to stay or things to check out in C.Dot I am so your girl.

I will be back this Friday 6pm-7:30pm kicking in on CKXU!



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