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This week I am heading up to Canmore for yet another student leader ball of good times and nerdiness.

This week was my nerd out on the upcoming music festivals which you can all find out about in the many posts below. My favorite music news story… Yo La Tengo playing Sled Island!

So here’s the playlist a week earlier, now you can follow along at home!

artist – track title – album * = Canadian!

1. Jim Noir – Happy Day Today – Jim Noir

2. *Stars – The Ghost of Genova Hieghts – In our bedroom after the war

3. Wye Oak – A Chase Smile – If Children

4. Soundpool – Dream Sequence – Dichotomist Dreamland

5. This is Ivy League – A Summer Chill – This is Ivy League

6. *Fiest – Thats what I said, but not what I meant – Monarch

7. *Shotgun Jimmie – 21 Years – Tribute to Snailhouse (compalation)

8. Sara Cahone – You’re not Broken – Only as the day is long

9. Ghost Bee’s – Erl King – Tasseomancy

10. Twin Tigers – Invisible Zombies – Curious Faces/ Violet Future

11. *Culture Reject – Inside the Cinema – Culture Reject

12. *Tokyo Police Club – Listen to the Math – Elephant Shell

13. Bridges and Powerlines – Uncalibrated – Ghost Types

14. Shout Out Louds – Your parents living room – Our ill wills

15. *Hilotrons – Love Suit – Happymatic

16. Yo La Tengo – The Story of Yo La Tango – I’m not afraid of you and I will beat your ass.


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