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Todays show is on in T minus 3 hours and 9 minutes. After missing last weeks show I am jonesing for some good radio time.

Sadly my plans on going to the Sasquatch music festival have been rained on and forced to recede faster than the Germans did from the Russian front line so tonight’s show will feature all the artists I wish I was seeing in the next couple days. Be ready for some awesome music and a mopey host.

To prepare for your conflicted radio future, heres a little tidbit I picked up from Sterogum. Starbucks is putting out yet another compilation for the coffee lover, this time a whole latte of Sonic Youth. (sorry, that was pretty bad….blame my Sasquatch despair…). Anyways, click on the link to check more…

I recently counted myself as a Starbucks employee and I have come to believe the company releases these somewhat awesome comp’s and carry good music as much for the employee’s benefit as the customers. There is only so many times you can hear Alicia Keys before wanting to just put your ear to the blender….Really, Starbucks carrying Radiohead and Sonic Youth is a straight up blessing for us lowly Batista’s.

Moral of the story: Starbucks patrons – feel free to request awesome music any time you want!

Stay tuned for this weeks playlist.


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