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This week I really felt like some good jazz. There is something about a night of great jazz that really gets a girl.

I am away tomorrow, in Ottawa doing wicked awesome conference stuff, so this playlist is a day early and now you can follow along at home (yay!). Ottawa looks to be fantastic. I will be nerding out so hard political wise and going to see so many amazing shows. The Coast, hey rosetta! and Hey Ocean are all playing while I am there and I am going to take full advantage of the Ottawa music scene.

Anyways, here is this week’s play list:

Artists – Track Title – Album * = Canadian Content

1. Philip Glass – Mad Rush – Solo Piano

2. MEM 3 – Pennsylvania Grey – Pennsylvania Grey

3. Brad Meldau Trio – C.T.A – Brad Meldau Trio Live

4. *Jean Martin and Evan Shaw – a Strong Glue is not Necessary – Piano Music

5. *Lori Freedman and Scott Thomson – Taps – Plumb

6. Jacob Varmus – Why Don’t you Dance – All the things we still can do

7. The Roy Campbell Ensemble – Pharaoh’s Revenge Intro/Pt.1/Intro/ Pt.2 – Akhenaten Suite


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