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This is a pre-recorded show provided via technology! Woot! I had an amazing week in Ottawa seeing some amazing live shows, including some of the fabulous artists featured on this weeks show.

Live acts included: The Coast, Hey Ocean!, Hey Rosetta!, Will Currie and The Country French, Creature, Joel Plaskett and the Emergency and a shawk more I cannot even keep up with right now.

There will be a post coming up this week with the wicked new canadian acts I saw, some stuff you should check out and my wicked awesome un-cut 15 min interview with Toronto Indie Rocker’s The Coast.

The greatest new act I saw this week was Dan Mangan hands down. Heart breaking/filling song writing, great guitar skills and a brilliant bassist. Check out his website and listen to a few of the mp3’s….than close your eyes and imagine sitting in a dark cafe with red curtains and moonlight spilling through, and a cute boy/girl beside you who just whispered they love you and always will. These two actions are essentially interchangeable.

Check this:

I did manage to convince Dan to allow me an interview for a while after seeing him at a show the next day but sadly, the camera being used had a very full memory card while cause our interview to only exist in our human memories. Rest assured, it was great. So in replacement for the interview I did… Here’s one with a Van media outlet. Trust me, he is just as charming in person as he is in youtube.

Blah, blah, blah

This weeks playlist for LUCKY Friday, June 13th, 2008

1. *Forest City Lovers – Country Road – Haunting Moon Sinking

2. *The Violet Archers – You and I – Sunshine at night

3. *Ghost Bee’s – Erl King – Tasseomancy

4. *Claire Jenkins avec Band – Heart as Furnace – Crows nest/nid de pie

5. Miwa Gemini – Something Ordinary – This is how I found you

6. She and Him – I should have known better – Volume One

7. The Cribs – Kind words from the broken hearted – I’m a Realist EP

8. The Kyle Sowshas – Growing a pair – Yeah Buddy!

9. Bauhaus – Undone – Going away white

10. From Bubblegum to Sky – Guest Relations – A Soft Kill

11. *Hey Rosetta! – Handshake the Ganster – Into your Lungs

12. *The Coast – Nueva York – Expatriate

13. The Rebulic Tigers – Golden Sand – Keep Color

14. Aimee Mann – Borrowing Time – @#&*/ smiles

15. Spiritualized – Borrowed your gum – Songs in A&E

16. Elephant – Color your frality – The Violet Hour

17. *Fond of Tigers – Parade Rehearsal – Fond of Tigers


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