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Woah! Last week was Sled Island and boy oh boy did I need this whole week to recover. I was only there for three days but man, did it knock me out with awesomeness. Festival high-lites include Of Montreal, Mogwai, Jose Gonzalez, Endangered Ape, Yo La Tengo, Fucked up, sweaty legion mosh pits (thank you stranger for holding me up and preventing mosh pit hell), smashing after house parties, basement shows, fog machines and getting pictures with ______ (to be revealed once I have the pictures and thus prove to you the truth…). Great festival. Mad Props.

On with the show,

Artists – Track Title – Album  * = Canadian Content

1. *Metric – Raw Sugar – Grow up and blow away

2. Quitzow – Cats r people 2 – Art College

3. Goldfrapp – Some People – Seventh Tree

4. Haley Bonar – Tiger Boy – Big Star

5. Graddaddy – Where I’m anymore – Just like the fambly cat

6. *Ladyhawk – I don’t always get what you’re saying – Shots

7. The Futureheads – Carnival Kids – The Futureheads

8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Albert goes west – Dig, Lazarus, Dig

9. *Wolf Parade – Lanaguage City – At Mount Zoomer

10. Mates of State – Get Better – re-arrange us

11. *Islands – Pieces of You – Arms Way

12. *Adam and the Amethysts – Sonic Youth Centre – Amethyst Amulet

13. David Karsten Daniel – Even in child mind you were a lion – Fear of Flying


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