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I am one tired out lady. This weekend was so jam packed with good time adventure all I really remember is yelling “Goonies never say die!”.

Friday: saw The Dark Knight then proceeded to realize I could never make or read anything cooler than that in my life (well, except for The Watchmen….OMG). Saturday I was off to The Hat to see local band Atrophy Manuscript and non local band Attack In Black play. Balls our Rock and Roll friends. The crowd was sparse but enthusiastic and jagerbombs were 4 bucks, so ya know…Plus the venue had that certain something…a sign outside proclaiming “hotties”, large groups of british men wanting to know where the pub was every 10 min, and $12 pitchers of Pil…

Sunday was South Country Fair time, or affectionately known to the locals as “giant hippy dirty fest”. A kickin’ weekend filled with folk music, great camping and everything one needs to get back to nature. Plus they treat there volunteers wicked.

Alls I can say is I am a little worn out. So before I fall asleep at my desk (which turns out is not frowned upon as much as one would think…) here is my playlist for Friday, July 18th!

Artist – Album – Track Title * = Canadian Content

1. *Wolf Parade – Soldiers Grin – At Mt. Zoomer

2. *The Wet Secrets – I tea bagged myself – Rock Fantasy

3. Of Montreal – She’s a Rejector – Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer?

4. *Run Chico Run – Ghetto Treat – Rocket Surgery

5. Silver Jews – Strange Victory, Strange Defeat – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

6. *Ok Vancouver OK – (no track title) – 28 to 29 EP

7. The Neighborhood Council – (missing track title…) – She Brave Soul EP

8. *The Greenbelt Collective – This Hill used to be a Valley – Our Homes

9. *E.S.L. – Venus in Furs – Eye contact

10. My Education – This Old House – Bad Vibrations

11. *Rich Hope and His Evil Doers – Shake this joint around – Rich Hope and His Evil Doers

12. The Hold Steady – Hornets! Hornets! – Separation Sunday

13. *Hot Hot Heat – No, Not Now – Makeup the Breakup

14. *Hot Little Rocket – Do the Hustled – How To Lose Everything

15. *Fake Cops – Scimitar Fight – Thundertheft

16. *Vailhalen – God Created Monsters – Do You Want to Talk All Night? (Sappy records – Snailhouse Tribute album)


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