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Yah, title says it all. I am clearly not very clever today…

Artists – Track Title – Album * = Canadian Content

1. The Decemberists – Eli the Barrow Boy – Picaresque

2. *Cinderpop – Cinnamon Winters – A Lesson in Science

3. Elliot Smith – Pretty (Ugly Before) – From a Basement on a Hill

4. *The Dears – Never Destroy Us – No Cities Left

5. *Bellevue – I’ve Been Meaning to Get Therapy – The Road to Recovery

6. Beck – Modern Guilt – Modern Guilt

7. *Hey Rosetta! – Red Heart – Into Your Lungs

8. *Sabestian Grainger – American Names – American Names

9. *Endangerd Ape – Down With the Gullwing Door – n/a (check out thier myspace…)

10. Sarandon – The Discotheque is my Lover – Kill Twee Pop

11. DFA 1979 – Romantic Rights – You’re a Woman, i’m a Machine

11. *The Carps – Heavens Gates and Hells Flames – Waves and Shambles

12. Foals – The French Open – Antidotes

13. *Creature – Briggitte Bardot – No Sleep At All

14. James Jackson Toth – Midnight Watchman – Waiting in Vain

15. Aviary Ghost – Humam Kids – Memory is a Hallway

16. *Snailhouse – Dollar Signs – Lies on the Prize

17. *Hills Like White Elephants – A Sword in the Circle – Himalaya

18. The Airborne – Innocence – Toxic Event



One Comment

  1. This is indeed a savory mix of rock ‘n’ pop goodness. If your listeners are curious to hear more of Creature, they can check them out at They have a profile page there. Briggitte Bardot and more of their songs are on their MP3 player.

    Love to CKXU from mrGringo

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