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An open letter to all CKXU listeners:

Dear listeners,

I apologize for my ever forgetfulness and my busy schedule. Due to both I have two apologies specifically:

1. I lost last weeks playlist, don’t ask me how as I am 100% sure I grabbed it, but it seems I didn’t. Thus no playlist! But I would like to thank my fantastic co-host Mr. Kyle Penn who is the host of A Torrid Love Affair, soon to come back to CKXU this fall. One particular highlight was discussing Jason Schwartzman’s band – Coconut Records which is awesome. Check it.

2. Due to unforeseen obligations, I must not be in the booth today but luckily my past self has prepared me for this future moment. Fortuitous! So an older show (all the way from Jan 25th) will be gracing your ears but alas, my future self did not have enough forethought to have any record of playlist. Solution?! Make it a game, out smart your indie rock friends and guess tracks, artists, albums. Think High Fidelity!

Until next week.

Your Friend and lover,

Miss JP


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