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This is my playlist. More importantly, I am so stoked to go to Van City and see RADIOHEAD!!! CAPS LOKS ON THE REST OF THE SHOW! If you’re a vancouverite feel free to holla at me and we should hook up! Well, you know what I mean, meet up, not hook up….oh jeez…this is awkward.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes

2. *Adam and the Ameythsts – The Ocean to Me – Amethyst Amulets

3. The Avrett Brothers – Bella Donna – Second Gleam

4. *Great Lake Swimmers – Moving Pictures Silent Films

5. *The Paper Cranes – I Love You Until my Veins Explode – Halcyon Days

6. *The Awkward Stage – Only Good Days Caught on Camera – Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights

7. *Said the Whale – Fish and Stars II – Taking Aba Lonia

8. *Brendan Canning – Antique Bull – Something for All of Us

9. *The Dears – End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story – End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story

10. *Endangered Ape – Variations on a Theme – (no album, check out thier myspace for now…)

11. *Women – Black Rice – Women

12. My Education – Sluts and Maniacs – Bad Vibrations

13. *Azeda Booth – Numberguts – In Flesh Tones

14. Benajamin Wetherill – Black Waterslide – Laura

15. Inara George – Rough Design – An Invitation

16. *Ruby Coast – Neighbourhood – Ruby Coast

17. *Greentbelt Collective – Seventh Grade – GBCL Compilation II

18. Mar – Icarus – The Sound


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