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That is right boys and girls, no play list this week because I was too busy being awesome in Van City. Now, why was I in Vancouver last week? To see Radiohead of course!

Great show, wicked crowd. It poured, all night, which only served to make the show better. Thom Yorke barley spoke (and when he did, it was charming as hell) and the rest of the band spoke not at all. I missed most of The Liars, but they were pretty rad from what I saw. Really, nothing I can say will convey the absolute greatness that the show was so I will end it here. Check out the setlist…the end, very last song, Thom/Radiohead gave the audience a choice between Paranoid Android or Idioteque. I guess there were a lot of OK Computer fans in the audience as Paranoid Android won right out. That’s ok, it fit the show and it just means I must see Radiohead again to get to dance to Idioteque.

More bragging rights’s:

Cute couple, right?

Cute couple, right?

After the after party...

After the after party...

That’s right, me and the members of Of Montreal kickin’ it at Sled Island. One more amazing perk of fesitval goodness.


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