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Well, I am back from the greatest adventure I have had this year! What a trip (as in road trip…not the other kind…ya know, that kind…). I am woefully boring tonight and have very little else to say other than Thom Yorke gave me a cold.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. Junkface – Atamakatahizaashi – PDX Pop Now! (v/a compilation)

2. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Maps – Fever To Tell

3. *The Brunettes – Everyone Has Nice Hands (In the Digital Age) – Nothing Ever Happens Here

3. The Walkmen – Canadian Girl – You and Me

4. Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden – Baroque Lullaby – Hearts and Daggers

5. *Azeda Booth – Ran – In Flesh Tones

6. *The Wicked Awesome’s – 80 Gigabyte ipod – See their MySpace

7. *Endangered Ape – Down With the Gullwing Door’s – See their MySpace

8. The Abbasi Brothers – The Social Evening (in 1992) – Something Like Nostalgia

9. Immovable Objects – I’m Not Depressed, I’m Existentialist Rock – Hoping it Stays This Broken

10. Pornopop – Nicotine and The Backward Lounge – And the Slow Songs About The Dead Calm in Your Arms

11. *Broken Social Scene – Lovers Spit – Bee Hives

12. *Young and Sexy – Your Enemy Asleep – Panic When you find It

13. The Flaming Lips – In the Morning of the Magician – Yoshimi Wins: Live Radio Album

14. *Woodpigeon – Knock Knock – Woodpigeon

15. Beck – Chemtrails – Modern Guilt

16. *The Pack AD – June -Funeral Mixtape



  1. It’s a great list, and thank you for including Pornopop and The Abbasi Brothers!

  2. I thought the Brunettes were Aussies?

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