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Sloan Contest!



That’s right boys and girls, here it is, the one time only chance for YOU to get one lovely pair of Sloan tickets for Monday’s show.

Just only little skill testing questions for you to answer…the first person to answer correctly wins!

Drum roll please:

What year was Sloan first nominated for a Juno?

Now, get your little fingers typing on that keyboard in the comment box with the answer and some form of contact information so you can win! First one to answer correctly wins!




  1. 1994

  2. any form of contact is good… either way… either way is good

  3. A phone message would be good… but a musical greeting card would be pretty nice too… If I won that is…

  4. 1994

  5. 1994! Nineteen-ninety-four! NINETYFOUR!

  6. you know that this is Clayton right?? Just making sure. Boo Yeah!

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