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This past Saturday I held a backyard Rock n’ Roll show. It was pretty awesome. Endangered Ape, Collapsing Opposites and Bible Belt all played amazing shows and what awesome dudes and ladies to hang out with!

For all you in smaller towns and cities, throw a backyard Rock n’Roll party.Yes, it is super DIY but so much fun. Plus super easy! One extension cord and a shawk of buddies is all you need.

In fact, here is a “How to Guide”

Step One: Bands! This one is easy peasy. Those local bands of yours clamoring for a show, any place anywhere….make it your backyard. Invite one or two then get on that MySpace and find bands touring near your town and invite invite invite! I recommend going no more than three or four or else it gets a little hay wire.

Step Two: Timing – I found that Saturday afternoon was perfect. The sun was high, the air was warm, people had just woken from their hangover head cases and were ready to sit, chill and listen. Plus the neighbourhood tends to be happier when you are not breaking any noise by-laws….

Step Three: Canvass your neighbourhood, ask your landlord and just make sure peeps are ok with it. The nicer and more considerate you are, others are likely to follow your example.

Step Four: Charging admission – this is a little tricky. Check out what your local laws/by-laws are in regards to venue space etc…The easiest way to get around this is to “charge by donation”. Also – unless you have a liquor license, do not sell alcohol. This is a sure fire way to get shut down by the po-po if your neighbours narc you out.

Step FivE: Rock out!

A little taste of how mine went down to wet your appetite!



  1. Bitch, in your case it’s more like this:

    Step 1: Have a desperate promoter friend that has narc parents and no money to invest in overhead.

    Step 2: Let people take advantage of your house by letting them go to the bathroom and piss off your neighbours.

    Step 3: DON’T charge admission, idiot! Advertise it as a free show. Accept donations for the band instead.

  2. ps i love you

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