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a) I know I am missing a couple playlists, I will be tracking them down and getting them logged ASAP.

b) Its CKXU Fundrive and I will be live blogging throughout this week as often as physically possible to let you know all the wicked and fun times happening down at the station. I will also be having special guests on my blog this week to tell about what fun their having at CKXU 88.3 FM’s FUNdrive!

So, the first installment:

As of 4:37pm on the very first day of FUNdrive we have raised just under $800.00 and have some amazing pirze packs to give away:

On Kfresh and the Emo’s with Kfresh:

1. A Mint prize pack! Yours with a $150.00 pedge (which also gets you the CKXU buddy pack 2! Two friends cards, one CKXU tee and one CKXU hoodie AND two mugs!!!)

2. $75.00 Blueprint g/c with a $50.00 pledge (which also gets you a Tee and a Friends card! woah!)

Random Nation with Miss JP:

1. “Re-issue this” pack – $50.00 – Gets you the regular $50.00 pledge pack as well as the “re-issue this” pack which is Metric’s re-issue of “Grow Up and Blow Away” and wicked Best Of Radiohead CD AND a very very old school Metric sticker (from their days). Little tid bit – Metrics upcoming LP is being produced by Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich…See what I did there? Clever right?!

2. “How to impress on a first date” pack  – for a mere $90 pledge you get the CKXU Buddy pack 1 which is two friends cards plus two CKXU tee’s and the “How to impress on a first date” pack which includes: Chad Vangaalens new album “Soft Airplane”, as Mint compilation full Vancouver and area lovin’ love songs and Mint Records mint tin/mints (for those first date kisses!)

Stay tuned all week long to learn about why CKXU needs your pledges and call in 329 2400 to pledge!

Tonight’s show will feature some new and amazing artists and my FUNdrive speacial co-host Cassandra!


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