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FUNdrive update!!!

We are at two thousand three hundred and fifty two dollars!

Oh woooie!

Some updates outside money:

1. The flies are intolerable

2. Connor Crash is doing a wicked FUNdrive show

3. If you donate during “Rambunctious Nights Under Dim Street Lights” you can get:

– For a meer Eighty eight dollars and three cents you can get the buddy pack (TWO friends cards and TWO CKXU Tee’s) + Nardwuar DVD + some wicked CD’s of your choosing. Woah!

– For a pledge of only $25.00 you get your lovely and usefull CKXU Friends card AND Vancouger Sunglasses and an Eyeliners pen.

But you must must must pledge before 7:30 pm TONIGHT!

4. The coffee here is great,too bad I feel to sick to drink too much – which is probably good seeing as someof our volunteers have clearly over done the coffee intake and now are twitchy little things.


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