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FUNdrive update!

We are currently at $4562.83, well on our way to making our goal. INDEPENDENT Campus community media is pretty important to continuing an open discourse about and through our society. I urge you to pledge, make that double urge.

It may be hard to fathom why your few dollars can make such a difference but I guarantee if you phone into CKXU at 403 329 2400 right now and ask one of our lovely volunteers why you should pledge they will give you a bevy of reasons, least of all that this is media in your hands and can be used and accessed by anybody and gives a real voice to all southern Albertans. Ok, so that is like 3 reasons but for real, pledge.

To make your pledging experience that much more pleasant (besides all the wicked incentives) check out this Campus-Community Radio supporter! Katie Stelmanis (recently on CBC’s R3 Sessions)! My girl crush is growing and this video made it grow three times more:

Log onto for more information on CKXU’s FUNdrive and all the cool stuff with it!


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