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Well, it seems my playlist from last week fell into the black hole of playlist’s.

So, here is this weeks! Karla, an old co-host from the days of Colour Me Sexy joins me for this weeks episode of Random Nation. Also featured, new Stars and Of Montreal as well as Land of Talk and much much more.

Check it out, this week’s playlist:

Artist – Track Title – Album  * = Canadian

1. *Stars – Sad Robots – Sad Robots EP

2. *Final Fantasy – crush-love-crush – Plays to Please

3. *The Pack AD – Oh Be Joyful – Funeral Mixtape

4. The Walkmen – Canadian Girl – You & Me

5. Brian Jonestown Massacre – If Love’s the Drug – Total Peppermint Wonderland

6. Of Montreal – Touched Somethings Hollow – Skeletal Landing

7. *Land of Talk – Got a Call – Some One Lakes

8. *Sebastian Grainger & the Mountains – Meet New Friends – Sebastian Grainger & the Mountains

9. XX Teens – Only You – Welcome to Goon Island

10. Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden – Another Day – Hearts and Daggers


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