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Oh, you know….

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

Jonas Reinhardt – Tandem Sums – Jonas Reinhardt

31 Knots – Strange Kicks – Worried Well

*Broadcast Radio – I Grew Up On a Island – Hallways of the 21st Floor

*Beija Flor – We Grew Tough – The American

*Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights – In our Bedroom After the War

The Upside Down – For That so Betty Rose – Human Destination

Pretty and Nice –  – Get Young

The Broken West – The Smartest Man Alive – Now or Heaven

Dressy Bessy – Shoot, I love You – Holler and Stomp

Her Space Holiday – The Telescope – XOXO Panda and the New Kid Revival

The Rosebuds – Hello Darlin’ – Like Like

*Land of Talk – Troubled – Some Are Lakes

*Jenny Omnichord – Do you Karate (ft. Tony Dekker from Great Lake Swimmers!) – Charlotte or Otis

The Loom – Patience for Books – At Last Light

*The Public Library – The Bell Horse  – The Dark Birds (leave it to a Canadian band to be named after a public institution, eh?)

Frontier Ruckus – The Deep Down Yard – The Orion Songbook

*The Great Outdoors – Macintosh Apples – Fall

Hidle Marie Kiersem – Marie Antoinette – A Killer for That Ache

*The Dears – Meltdown in A Major – Missiles (New Album!)

Margot and the So and So’s – Pages written on a wall – Not Animal

Pick of the Week: Hands down the new Dears album. Another very solid musical love time.

Check out CKXU‘s website for charts, info about the station and programming schedule.


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