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2008, what a year. So much happened that I can hardly believe it was only 365 days….ba bam!

A “too good to be true” year for music, with so much love coming through in sound format I could hardly stand it. I cut a lot in this program, but a top 10 picks of this year is coming shortly. I could go on about all the awesome releases and wicked shows this year but I am sure that from diligently keeping up with this blog, you are all too aware of what happened this year, so…

Picks of 2008 playlist:

Artist – Track Title- Album * = Canadian

1. *Katie Stelmanis– Join Us – Join Us

2. Wolf Parade – California Dreamer – At Mount Zoomer

3. TV in the Radio – Crying – Dear Science

4. Of Montreal – Gallery Piece – Skeletal Lamping

5. *Great Lake Swimmers – Eyes on the Prize – Song Sung Blue EP

6. *Brain Borcherdt – Coyotes – Coyotes

7. *Women – Black Rice – Women

8. *Safety Show – Blackwater – Safety Show

9. * Stolen Minks – Bring It – High Kicks

10. *Wicked Awesomes – Somewhere in Nowheresville – Alberta Boom! Compilation

11. David Byrne and Brain Eno – I Feel My Stuff – Everything that Happens will Happen Today

12. *Chad VanGaalen – Old Man and the Sea – Soft Airplane

13. *Brendan McGuigan – Teens in Love in Space – Synthosarus

14. *Stars – Going, Going, Gone – Sad Robots EP

15. *The Dears – Berlin Heart – Missiles

16. *Animal Names – Rolling Paper Airplanes- Oh Yes, You Better Do

17. 31 Knots – Strange Kicks – Worried

18. *Endangered Ape – Tales of a Survivalist Horror pt. 1 and pt. 2 – Alberta Boom! Compilation

Overall 2008 winner:

To Endangered Ape for putting on amazing shows and revitalizing Southern Alberta’s music scene as well as being a straight up kick ass band. Lethbridge collectively owes you guys a first born. A newer band with some very classic Lethbridge scene maintays, you couldn’t pack more talent into this lo-fi punk rock group. Not that I’m the only one who’s noticed these guys and with two successful tours this year, recording a holiday clasic and getting all the good press a new band could ask for, these guys are going to really blow up Alberta’s music scene.


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