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On today’s episode of the Random Nation, I induct an awesome friend (check her on twitter – andshecanknit2) into CKXU history.

We chat about Lethbridge, leaving and give some HOTT knitting tips.

Tune in 6pm-7-30pm MST!

Now, onto the playlist!

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. *The Maynards – Do You Wanna Dance – Date and Destroy

2. *Rah Rah – Fuck NAFTA – Going Steady

3. Department of Eagles – In Ear Park – In Ear Park

4. *Kevin Drew – Lucky Ones – Spirit If…

5. *Plants and Animals – Bye, Bye, Bye – Plants and Animals

6. *Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bee’s – How to Win Friends and Influence People – Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bee’s

7. Bloc Party – This Modern Love – Silent Alarm

8. TV on the Radio – Golden Age – Dear Science

9. Kings of Convenience – Stay out of Trouble – Riot in an Empty Stomach

10. *The Public Library – Skull Photographs – The Dark Birds

11. Death Cab for Cutie – Pictures in an Exhibition – Something About Airplanes

12. *Contrived – Eavesdropping – Blank, Blank, Blank

13. *The Dears – Meltdown in A Major – Missiles

Pick of the week: Kings of Convenience – An Alison pick, this album is freakin’ adorable. Highly recommended.


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