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I had another guest host on air this week. The lovely Mr. Curtis Fowke, and I chatted about legilization of marijauna, his mom and what it means to be a Lethbian, and then he burned me.


Artists – Album – Track Title * = Canadian

1. *Hey Rosetta! – I’ve Been Asleep for a Long Long Time – Into Your Lungs

2. Shearwater = Seventy Four, Seventy Five – Palo Santo

3. *Brent Randall and the Pinecones – Bluebirds Flowers and Other Things

4. Cut Off Your Hands – In the Name of Jesus Christ – You and I

5. *Meadow Harklemon – Hey You – Twists

6. *WoodPigeon – Anna, Girl in the Clocktower – Treasury Library Canada (from their recently released double disc TREASURY LIBRARY CANADA featuring HOUNDSTOOTH EUROPA. )

7. *Bruce Peninsula – Weave Myself a Dress – A Mountain is a Mouth

8. The National  – Fake Empire – Boxer

9. *Smothered in Hugs – Meet the Monster – The Healing Power of Injury

10. *Island – Kids Don’t Know Shit – Arms way

11. Cotton Jones – Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have) – Paranoid Cocoon

12. Plants and Animals – Bye, Bye, Bye – Parc Avenue

Pick of the Week: Cotton Jones. You just gotta check this shit out.


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