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Uh. So many mistakes this show. Now this program will forever be labeled as “Miss jp’s hour of mistake’s”. That’s ok. Learn from that shit and all that jazz, amirite?

Anyways, f that noise. It was a sweet show none the less. Plus my Nana was listening. Which ups the sweet anti.

Playlist time?


Artist – Track Title – Album

1. Broken Social Scene – Lovers Spit – Bee Hives (cause of first major mistake…)

2. Beck – Paper Tiger – Sea Change

3. Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows – Cohen Live

4. Chad VanGaalen – Sing Me 2 Sleep – Skelliconnection

5. Odawa – The Ease of the Giant Irish Elk – The Blue Depths

6. PSAPP – Mister Ant – The Camels Back

7. Hot Panda – Cold Hands/ Chapped Lips – Volcano…Bloody Volcano

8. Arcade Fire – Vampires/ Forest Fires – Arcade Fire EP

9. The Neighborhood Council – Lemonade – v/a CSJW 2009 compilation

10. Woodpigeon – …A Given – Treasury Library Canada

Pick of the Week: Being really really bummed about the state of the indie music industry right now. Want to know? See this little ditty about Touch and Go Records. (Thanks Pbone, without you I am lost…)


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