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This week I had meetings with a bunch of MLA’s. Two of which I follow on twitter. I used my superhero song again and again. In fact I carried a boom box in with me to play my superhero song. It was pretty ‘illin, ‘illin like Fresh Prince of Bel Air style. Word.

Artist – Song – Album * = Canadian (order in play order)

Philip Glass – Protest and Evening Song – Satyagraha

Rockwell – Deer Hunter Camp 17 – Anni Rossi

Bonnie Prince Billy – Beware Your Only Friends – Beware

*Doug Paisley – What About us – Doug Paisley

*Andre Ethier – The One Wine I Crave – Born of Blue Fog

*The Darling Demaes – Stomach Ghost – A Users Guide to Raising the Dead

*Bruce Peninsula – Shanty Song – A Mountain is a Mouth

*The Balconies – Battle Royale – The Balconies

*Hot Panda – Cold Hands/ Chapped Lips – Volcano…Bloody Volcano

*Hank – I Let her Join my Secret Society – The Luck of the Singers

*Shout Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships – Reintegration Time

*Handsome Furs Face Control – Office of Hearts – Handsome Furs Face Control

*Shout Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships – Reintegration Time

Speck Mountain – Fidelity Shake – Some Sweet Relief

The Love Language – Two Rabbits – The Love Language

June Modrona – Long Distance – Battle Grounds

Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling on a Line

Dan Auerbach – Real Desire – Keep It Hid

*A.C. Newman – Heartbreak Rides – Get Guilty

Pick of the Week: Andre Ethier. Amazing voice and songwriting. FTWL Jeff Buckley

Sasqautch pre-amp: King Khan and the Shrines, this is how it pays to live with people way cooler than yourself. 


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