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Last Class Bash is going on upstairs and while this yearly event happens…every year, I still cannot deal.

Tonight, GCBG hosts the premier gig of the hot new acid rock girl group, Myelin Sheaths! F. Yah.

On tonight’s programs:

Artist – Track Title – Album  * = Canadian

Silver Mt. Zion – Black Waters Blowed/Engine Break Blues -13 Blues for Thireteen Moons

PJ Harvey and John Parish – Sixteen, Fifeteen, Fourteen – A Woman A Man Walked By

The Hive Dwellers – My Noise (Superchunk cover) – 20 years of Merge Records: The Covers

The Balky Mules – Before Too Long – The Length of the Rail

Elvis Costello – No Dancing – My Aim is True

*Immaculate Machine – Thank Me Later – High on Jackson Hill

*Megan Hamilton – I ❤ Computers

Matteah Baim – Pagoda – Laughing Boy

Friday Hyvoen – Dirty Dancing – Silence is Wild

*the O Voids – On Fire – O Voids/Wicked Awesome 7inch split

*Bayonets!!! – Glassteeth

*The Summerlad – Everyone Scolds the Wolf – The Summerlad 7inch

*Japanroids – Wet Hair – Post- Nothing

Weird Owl – Skeletelepathic – Tee Pee Records Sampler

Myelin Sheaths – Your Acid is too Basic

Jetplanes of Abraham – Not Tonight – Jetplanes of Abraham

Pick of the Week: Silver Mt. Zion

Sasquatch pre-amp:



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