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Ever noticed how “really great make out music” is synonymous for the “really great make out music” you dug at 17. Further proof, making out reaches its peak of awesome at 17 and goes steady from there.

Its been a while since I posted, so quick and dirty run down of things music wise:

1. Polaris announced their 2009 short list. Overall, pretty solid choices. Personally, I’m pulling for Fucked Up’s “The Chemistry of Common Life” or VanGaalen’s “Soft Airplanes”. I still have mixed feelings about Polaris, but all in all they do a good job of grabbing genuinely good albums as well as those that are top requests or buys.

2. Jay Reatard is picking fights over Twitter.

3. This Jenny Lewis video does not suck.

4. Back on radio, sporadic visits on CJSR’s airwaves. Be posting program sets pretty soon. For some reason Aaron Levin keeps throwing these radio intern types at me every time I step into the booth. I am molding the future of CJSR.

5. Previewed the new Famines release. IT IS RAD. 7inch release parties in Calgary (with Meisha and the Spanks, Puberty and Myelin Sheaths) at the Palomino and Edmonton at the Hideaway, well worth checking it out and getting yourself a copy. Limited pressings, even less than the last one and with the buzz they have and sheer Whyte ave clout, they will likely go fast.

6. Check out this new music blog, NxEW. Good and diverse contributors from across Canada with genuine passion for music. Solid.

7. The new “it thing” in Lethbridge, the Myelin Sheaths are getting ready to record and release their first 7inch with Hozac Records. Pretty awesome, right? Don’t forget though, Lethbridge has more then one good band…. in fact there are even more than 3! Long story short, don’t forget about the ones you loved before and ones that are yet too com.

8. ‘Tis the season to get festivaled!

9. Edmonton has really amazing shows. All the time. ie. Black Francis playing The Starlight Room on the 8th of August. (Good event listing found on-line @ Vue)

10. Dinosaur Jr. video. (via @akolade/futureshock)


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