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Lacking in ready creative writing ideas, let’s just get straight to the point.

Artists – Album – Track  * = Canadian

Talbot Tagora – Lessons in the woods or a city – Track 6 (no track titles…)

Yacht – See Mystery Lights – Physic City (New album, tracks can be heard on their myspace)

*Archivist – Learning to Live on Poison – Jagwagger

Cat Power – The Covers Record – Wild is the Wind

Theo Angell – Tenebrae – A Crime from the Vine

*Mark Templeton – Inland – Sam

*Bruce Peninsula – A Mountain is a Mouth  – Steamroller (My second favourite Canadian “supergroup”, guess which one is my first…)

*The Ostrich – The Ostrich 7inch – Medication

*Endangered Ape – Ape Shall Not Kill Ape – White of my Eyes

These guys are broken up, which is sad. Their last show (for now…) is happening August 15th, in Lethbridge Alberta at Henotic. It’s going to be quite the send off and as proved at Calgary’s Nobunny show, Lethbridge embodies the true meaning of Rock&Roll.

*Wicked Awesomes – Cannot figure out their album art….

*Fraser and DeBolt – Fraser and DeBolt with Ian Guenther – Gypsy Solitaire

Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks – Buckets of Rain

*Giant Hand – Coming Home – The Villagers Hate This Village

Connie Converse – How Sad, How Lonely – The Clover Saloon

Rad Owen Cook Nobunny vid


One Comment

  1. still waiting to hear that Talbot Tagora. ours is late.

    and can’t wait til ya get back so i can hear on the dirt on the music department there…hah.

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