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Today it was reported that venerable and inspiring director John Hughes passed away at the tender age of 59.

Growing up, I discovered Fleetwood Mac and John Hughes movies at approximately the same time. I believe that somehow one led to the other. Molly Ringwald became my idol and Sixteen Candles my 2am go-to. Lindsay Buckingham and Matthew Broderick were tied for ultimate dreamboat in my 13year old eyes. Everything I know about dancing was learned in the dance montage after that scene they cut always for TV in The Breakfast Club.

If CTV ran a 48 hour John Hughes marathon, I would call in sick to work. No tribute I can offer is big enough so please do not think of this show as a tribute, just a small token of affection.

Artist – Album – Track   *=Canadian

King Khan and the Shrines – What Is?! – Welfare Bread

*Animal Names – Oh Yes You Better Do – Rolling Paper Airplanes

Japandriods – Post – Nothing – Wet Hair

*The Famines – The Famines double disc 7inch – Gimme Some Numbers

The Breeders – Head to Toe – Freed Pig

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Likely There Are Mountains – Some Trees (Marriot Moon)

Joan of Arc – Flowers – The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations

*Sunparlour Players – Wave North – Wood Dress

Gianthand – Coming Home – The Beast

*Black Mold – Snow Blindness Crystal Antz – Finally Someone Invented a Teleporter.

Boogie Broader – Pizza Hero – Sparks


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