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Lethbridge will be mad reppin’ at this years Sled Island.

Both Endangered Ape and new “girl group on acid” Myelin Sheaths (ft. Girl O’Clock and Joel of Boys from Nowhere infamy) will be playing.

To wet your appetite, a little E Ape from my backyard. A slightly old line up but pure rawk.:


I am not at SXSW. Pbone, CKXU’s music director is though and I am living vicariously through his tweets. Also, twitter is the biggest thing ever right now. This is what it must have felt like to be part of the hula hoop craze.

Artist – Song – Album  * = Canadian

The Badhand – Pls Answer UR Phone – in this line wish you happiness

Giraffe Running – Comic Strip – Giraffe Running

*dd/mm/yyyy – Vantan – dd/mm/yyyy

*The Ostrich – Don’t Rock – Pizza Records: Party Pack 7inch (get it, its worth your trouble)

*Thee Thems – Oh Shit! – Pizza Records: Party Pack 7inch

Cotton Jones – Some Strange Rain – Paranoid Cocoon

The Lil’ Hospital – Nothing Like a Car Crash – The Lil’ Hospital 7inch

*The Maynards – Dance Fight ’83 – Date and Destroy (They’re from Halifax!)

*Cuff the Duke – Anti-Social – Cuff the Duke (I have seen Wayne Petti in his skivies. It’s pretty hot)

*Miesha and the Spanks – Bedroom Back – Miesha and the Spanks 7inch

The Handsome Family – I Fell

Bonnie Prince Billy – Without Work, You Have Nothing – Beware

Vetiver – Through the Front Door – Tight Knit

Belle and Sebastian – Like Dylan in the Movies – The BBC Sessions

Yellow Fever – Culver City – Yellow Fever 7inch

The Flaming Lips – Can’t Get You out of My Head – Fight Test

Monster Bobby – Work in the Morning – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope

* Tokyo Police Club – Shoulders and Arms – A Lesson in Crime

*The Balcony – Rest Up – The Balcony EP

*Stolen Minks – Shut Up

Pick of the Week: Miesha and the Spanks. A wicked voice, a killer band and gold vinyl? Sold.

Sasquatch (re: better then SXSW anyway…) pre-view:

M. Ward!

Like radio? Like independence? Of course you do!

Check out my post on CKLN’s refusal to let their internal politics stop them from broadcasting a day filled with programming for International Women’s Day programming.

Holy mofuggin’ crap! It’s January 9th and I am finally doing my “picks of ____” show! This year, its a 2008 theme. Hold onto your socks and get ready for some local lo-fi, some high ranking releases and maybe even a surprise or two.

Any fav’s of 2008 suggestions? Throw ’em at me by calling at 403 329 5189, post a comment on this bad boy or tweet me with your requests!

Tune in tonight, 6pm at and 88.3FM to get a little nostalgic for those good ‘ole days.


Miss JP

Calgary theatre company One Yellow Rabbit’s fantastic creation, the High Performance Rodeo hits the city for its 23rd annual festival this year, January 5th to January 31st. A serious piece of work, the festival is what Calgary should be celebrating. Independent artists from Calgary, Alberta and worldwide showcase their creations and release a breathe of encouragement into the Calgary arts scene. Curated by Michael Green, co-artistic director of One Yellow Rabbit, this year’s feast of creativity is truly something Calgary has never seen before. In Green’s own words “To engage ones imagination is a positive action that builds the character needed to support the “high performance” identity Calgarians are known for.”

An optimistic look at Calgary’s arts scene, Green clearly reflects the passion and love held within this strong community. In a town this oil rich, something good has to come from it right? Despite recent changes to art support policy and funding models, severely impacting locally based arts scenes all across Canada, Calgary artists remain strong and hopeful. Green address this in his welcoming remarks with a typically witty remark “Credit markets seem more speculative then science fiction.” By supporting independent artists and local theater, you can invest your money in something that is a lot more sustainable, then, say, the price of oil?

This year HPR is top notch, largely and with my personal pronounced bias, due to the current artist in residence, Philip Glass. Glass makes several appearances this festival playing alongside the Kronos Quartet as well as solo, and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra plays some of Glass’s best works. As well, some of the best music coming out of the Calgary independent scene has a significant role to play in this year’s festival. Woodpigeon and Clinton St.John playing Bjork and Godspeed You!Black Emperor alongside Jay Crocker and Simon Fisk paying homage to the Brown Album. This isn’t to say that the line up all around isn’t amazing, it’s just fantastic to see the music and theater community’s coming together like this. Last year’s One Yellow Rabbit and Summerlad collaboration brought down the house and I cannot wait to see what happens with these bands this year. Take bringing in Sage theatre’s Brendan McGuigan who will be performing his side project entitled “Synthosaurus”, a giant green synth playing dinosaur who rip your heart open with synthy dancy goodness on the 10th during the Midway. This is just one act featured in the HPR’s Midway show where local creativity such as this is encouraged to flourish.

Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th has the Midway and Freak Show showcasing the best of what Calgary’s independent music and arts scene has to offer. On the 9th A night of Weezer with Consonant C, Günther and Pinkerton as well as the always amazing Midway and Freak show which is unexplainable in its tasty offering’s. The Midway, Freakshow and Grandstand are your most cost effective options and will be showcasing different acts the 8th to the 10th. Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall shows up all the other Canadian talent with his hilarious antics in Scottastrophe, and with the press quote “This may have been the best use of power point ever” you know it will even appeal to that management friend of yours.

The Lands End Chamber Ensemble brings back the old glamor of pre-war Germany and celebrates Bertold Brecht musical numbers while paying homage to the works of Krasa and Schuloff, two revolutionary composers who were silenced all too soon by the Nazi concentration camps. This goes down at the BeatNiq café, January 13th to the 17th. Alberta dancer Peggy Baker brings home the reality and crazy trials of aging and “getting a real job”. January 14th to 18th see this amazing local performer blur the lines between dance and theater, proving the true nature of Calgary theater. A mashed up mess of creativity and imagination which truly proves anything can be possible.

This is my City a 12 month project which brought together artists and the homeless community of Calgary to create a medium for the multitude of voices that get ignored all too often. Don’t miss out on this performance, held in the City Hall atrium, a true Calgary experience.

A true feast for all five senses, don’t miss your oppunurunity to see the best of independent arts and amazing new creations unseen anywhere else. Truly, HPR has always provided me an amazing and mind opening experience and no matter what you are interested in, there is truly something for everyone. For tickets and more information go to or contact them at 403 264 3224.

This Thursday December 18th at 7PM CKXU will be presenting a special screening of The Flaming Lips movie “Christmas On Mars” at Galileos in the SU!

If you’re a Lips fan, you have likely seen the 2005 doc Fearless Freaks and been salivating for Christmas on Mars ever since. In the making since 2001, this holiday special has been long awaited by Lips fans and movie freaks alike. Premiered at the 2008 SXSW and making its way across the nation, I have missed every chance to see this doc on a big screen and now CKXU is making it happen!

Tell all your friends and bring some guests. Admission is Free! Plus CKXU will be giving away some wicked cool Flaming Lips merch.
Check out this official trailer:
and this unofficial (but longer!) trailer:

Oh, you know….

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

Jonas Reinhardt – Tandem Sums – Jonas Reinhardt

31 Knots – Strange Kicks – Worried Well

*Broadcast Radio – I Grew Up On a Island – Hallways of the 21st Floor

*Beija Flor – We Grew Tough – The American

*Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights – In our Bedroom After the War

The Upside Down – For That so Betty Rose – Human Destination

Pretty and Nice –  – Get Young

The Broken West – The Smartest Man Alive – Now or Heaven

Dressy Bessy – Shoot, I love You – Holler and Stomp

Her Space Holiday – The Telescope – XOXO Panda and the New Kid Revival

The Rosebuds – Hello Darlin’ – Like Like

*Land of Talk – Troubled – Some Are Lakes

*Jenny Omnichord – Do you Karate (ft. Tony Dekker from Great Lake Swimmers!) – Charlotte or Otis

The Loom – Patience for Books – At Last Light

*The Public Library – The Bell Horse  – The Dark Birds (leave it to a Canadian band to be named after a public institution, eh?)

Frontier Ruckus – The Deep Down Yard – The Orion Songbook

*The Great Outdoors – Macintosh Apples – Fall

Hidle Marie Kiersem – Marie Antoinette – A Killer for That Ache

*The Dears – Meltdown in A Major – Missiles (New Album!)

Margot and the So and So’s – Pages written on a wall – Not Animal

Pick of the Week: Hands down the new Dears album. Another very solid musical love time.

Check out CKXU‘s website for charts, info about the station and programming schedule.

Well, it seems my playlist from last week fell into the black hole of playlist’s.

So, here is this weeks! Karla, an old co-host from the days of Colour Me Sexy joins me for this weeks episode of Random Nation. Also featured, new Stars and Of Montreal as well as Land of Talk and much much more.

Check it out, this week’s playlist:

Artist – Track Title – Album  * = Canadian

1. *Stars – Sad Robots – Sad Robots EP

2. *Final Fantasy – crush-love-crush – Plays to Please

3. *The Pack AD – Oh Be Joyful – Funeral Mixtape

4. The Walkmen – Canadian Girl – You & Me

5. Brian Jonestown Massacre – If Love’s the Drug – Total Peppermint Wonderland

6. Of Montreal – Touched Somethings Hollow – Skeletal Landing

7. *Land of Talk – Got a Call – Some One Lakes

8. *Sebastian Grainger & the Mountains – Meet New Friends – Sebastian Grainger & the Mountains

9. XX Teens – Only You – Welcome to Goon Island

10. Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden – Another Day – Hearts and Daggers

Ah, the long used expression of care, love, friendship, music snobbery: a mix tape.

Once an actual tape, a painstakingly long process of taping songs from radio or LP’s, a laborious process of cutting at the right moment, picking the right songs in the right order the FIRST time and perfecting the timing.

Evolution:  itunes, a mix tape became as easy as one, two, three. A true music aficionado with a bevy of hard to find mp3’s at their finger tips could punch out a collection meant to evoke any feeling in no time. BUT there are still some pesky limitations. Songs that you owned on your itunes only, the pain/wait of torrenting and listening to ensure that Jay Reatard single is not actually a sneaky Celine Dion in disguise, a 180 minute time limit and of course the physical presence of the CD. A case to be decorated and a permanent fixture of your devotion.

Now, the latest in mix tape technology makes a mix tape as easy as entering a wikipedia article. gives you the ease and convenience of built in torrent-like options ( works by accessing blogs and other mp3 downlodable site. It works ok but doesn’t hold a candle to the mp3’s you can access from your own ingenuity and has little in the way of the really obscure but the classics are all there…), a design feature to “personalize” your mix tape and the best part of all…a constant edit process to allow you to change your track listing, the order, the title, pretty much everything.

A great program for us music junkies who’s itunes cannot keep up with our desires but let there be a strict warning within this post:

Boys and girls, think twice before this becomes your way of affection expression. Its a slippery slope right up there with e-cards and facebook gifts. They are too easy to mean too much but for convenience sake and personal satisfaction, this site along with Last fm and others (notably the now defunct muxtape – which I thank girloclock for pointing out to me, and upon closer inspection the introspective site history is very telling of the nature of mainstream music industry and the precarious nature of all music blogs, sharing sites and even the simplest mp3 download links ) will do much to make those long work days and essay writing sessions more enjoyable.