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Sunday – third day for FUNdrive here at CKXU 88.3 fm.

We have made $2117.00 so far which is awesome. We are 18% towards our final goal of $12 000 and we still have 4 1/2 days to go!

Its gonna be awesommmeee.

Come on down to level one of the Student Building for some free Cuppers coffee and to say hello to us!

Also, checkout our website for the wicked Tee and button designs and for more FUNdrive information.

To give you guys some idea of the halirity at the station I will be recording funny statements made by our very own Old Man on the Mountain. Plus 18 warnings will be issued when necassary.

Phone into to pledge for our lovely station which is first on the dial and first in our hearts! 403 329 2400.


Random Nation: (ran-dom na-shon): The mix tape you wish you could make.

or: A radio show hosted up Miss JP appearing on Lethbridges own CKXU found on your FM dial at 88.3, your cable FM dial at 99.7 FM and world wide at