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When I was younger this was my favorite holiday, hands down. No stress leading up to it. No boring family obligations and it was all about dressing up. I always assumed this was the worlds way of evening out the lack of Kids day considering there is both Fathers AND Mothers day. Since I have three younger sisters I was able to prolong trick or treating right up to 16 years of age. Pretty sweet, amirite? Now all my sisters are too old for trick or treating and really, a 22 yr old dressing up to get candy? A little silly.

So instead I content myself with dressing up in ridiculous costumes (see Stuff White People Like post  #113) and attend Halloween parties where there is usually little in the way of candy, with the exception of the occasional jello shot.

I had some grand schemes of making this one heck of a cheesy radio Halloween good time, but sadly technology failed me once again (no offense to you blog, just the Internet as a whole) and thus I was unable to play my absolute favourite Halloween cheese songs. Instead, this show saw some improvisation with some scary tracks from scary movies. So here is my playlist for this week, but scroll all the way down for some wicked Halloween treats!

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. *The Stolen Minks – The North End Strangler – High Kicks

2. Viva Voce – Alive with Pleasure – PDX Pop Now! 2005 comp.

3. The Gossip – Its Over – PDX POP Now! 2005 comp.

4. Bernard Herrmann – Twisted Nerve – Kill Bill vol. 1 soundtrack

5. Grandaddy – AM180 – 28 Days Later soundtrack

6. Parts and Labours – Little Ones – Receivers

7. * Animal Names – Guy in the Ground Near the Marsh – Oh Yes, You Better Do

8. Jonny Greenwood – Eat Him By His Own Light – There Will Be Blood Soundtrack (highly recommended, all original compositions by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.)

9. *Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden – Hearts and Daggers – Hearts and Daggers

10. Bob Dylan – Wigwam – Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack

11. Karen O and the Million Dollar Bashers – Highway 61 Revisted – I’m Not There OST

12. Of Montreal – And I’ve Seen a Bloody Shadow – Skeletal Lamping

13. *Everything All the Time – Take Stock – Everything All the Time

14. Steppers remix of Yacht’s – Daydreams with Daffodils – PDX Pop Now! 2005 comp.

15. Sebastian Granger – I’m All Rage (Live in 2005) – Sebastien Granger

16. Spooky Dance Band – Chemical Reaction – PDX Pop Now! 2005 comp.

17. B McGuig – Synthoween (a Random Nation exclusive thanks to the lovely B McGuig!!) – N/A – check out his Reverbnation.

Halloween treat time ft. the best of Canadian indie rock:

Old school Halloween ft. sheer childhood delight