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This years FUNdrive playlist. Short and sweet but all Canadian and all awesome!

Thanks Cassandra for co-hosting with me! We gave away some sweet prizes and will be hanging around, answering phones and giving CKXU love all week long! Phone into pledge 329 2400!

Artist – Album – Track Title * = Canadian

1. *The Evaporators – Tellin’ Youth the Truth – Gassy Jack and Other Tales (Nardwuar! The Campus-Community radio guru! Check him out at CiTR

2. *Women – Black Rice – Women (Calgary’s own! Local rocks! Check ’em at or from this article in Calgary’s independent newspaper FFWD.)

3. *The Coast – All Farewells – The Coast (From Halifax! I interviewed them! They’re really nice and cute!)

4. *Endangered Ape – Down with the Gullwing Doors – Endagered Ape (Local – Lethbridge! Awesome people! Great Vinyl collections held by several band members! Check ’em out on myspace or CKXU events!!)

5. *Sloan – Can’t Face Up – One Chord to Another (I also interviewed them! Well, Jay Ferguson. We talked about his socks….!)

6. *The Stolen Minks – Bring it – High Kicks (Also form Halifax! They once called me super nice and awesome through their blog. I was smitten.)

That does it for this week but phone and pledge for some wicked CKXU swag! 403 329 2400 or


This week marks my first return to my much loved booth for two whole weeks. Thats a very long time in radio land. Kinda like cat years…or dog years, if your into that sorta thang.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. *Crista Courture – Waterfall – The Wedding Signer and the Undertaker

2. *Dan Mangan – Journal of a Narcoleptic – Postcards and Daydreams

3. Nathan Moomaw – September – 26

4. *Moon Socket – Radio – A Seppy Records Tribute to Snailhouse Compalation

5. *Wooden Stars – Gold Dust – People are Different

6. *The Mowhawk Lodge – Making Music – Rare Birds

9. *Julie Doiron – Its okay to stare – Heart and Crime

10. *Aaron Booth – We Don’t Pretend – Back Stories

11. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Acoustic) – The Avalanche

12. *Woodpigeon – A Sad Country Ballad for a Tired Superhero

13. * Young and Sexy – Peer Through the Lock

14. Beirut – Elephant Gun – Lou Grisland

15. *Islands – Life in Jail – Arms Way

16. Spoon – I Turn my Camera on – Gimme Fiction

17. *Broken Social Scene – market fresh – Bee Hives

18. *Hey Rosetta! – New Goodbye – Into Your Lungs

19. *Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Hey Josie – Black and White Phonetics (love.)

This is a pre-recorded show provided via technology! Woot! I had an amazing week in Ottawa seeing some amazing live shows, including some of the fabulous artists featured on this weeks show.

Live acts included: The Coast, Hey Ocean!, Hey Rosetta!, Will Currie and The Country French, Creature, Joel Plaskett and the Emergency and a shawk more I cannot even keep up with right now.

There will be a post coming up this week with the wicked new canadian acts I saw, some stuff you should check out and my wicked awesome un-cut 15 min interview with Toronto Indie Rocker’s The Coast.

The greatest new act I saw this week was Dan Mangan hands down. Heart breaking/filling song writing, great guitar skills and a brilliant bassist. Check out his website and listen to a few of the mp3’s….than close your eyes and imagine sitting in a dark cafe with red curtains and moonlight spilling through, and a cute boy/girl beside you who just whispered they love you and always will. These two actions are essentially interchangeable.

Check this:

I did manage to convince Dan to allow me an interview for a while after seeing him at a show the next day but sadly, the camera being used had a very full memory card while cause our interview to only exist in our human memories. Rest assured, it was great. So in replacement for the interview I did… Here’s one with a Van media outlet. Trust me, he is just as charming in person as he is in youtube.

Blah, blah, blah

This weeks playlist for LUCKY Friday, June 13th, 2008

1. *Forest City Lovers – Country Road – Haunting Moon Sinking

2. *The Violet Archers – You and I – Sunshine at night

3. *Ghost Bee’s – Erl King – Tasseomancy

4. *Claire Jenkins avec Band – Heart as Furnace – Crows nest/nid de pie

5. Miwa Gemini – Something Ordinary – This is how I found you

6. She and Him – I should have known better – Volume One

7. The Cribs – Kind words from the broken hearted – I’m a Realist EP

8. The Kyle Sowshas – Growing a pair – Yeah Buddy!

9. Bauhaus – Undone – Going away white

10. From Bubblegum to Sky – Guest Relations – A Soft Kill

11. *Hey Rosetta! – Handshake the Ganster – Into your Lungs

12. *The Coast – Nueva York – Expatriate

13. The Rebulic Tigers – Golden Sand – Keep Color

14. Aimee Mann – Borrowing Time – @#&*/ smiles

15. Spiritualized – Borrowed your gum – Songs in A&E

16. Elephant – Color your frality – The Violet Hour

17. *Fond of Tigers – Parade Rehearsal – Fond of Tigers

Woah! This playlist is uber outta order so apologies for throwing the flow off but here it is, all the way from May 30th 2008, a playlist to rock your world!

Artist – Track Title – Album  *=canadian content

1. Bombadil – Smile when you kiss – A Buzz, A Buzz

2. Silje Nes – Giant Disguise – Ames Room

3. *The Wet Secrets – Secret March – Rock Fantasy

4. *Toyko Police Club – In a Cave – Elephant Shell

5. *Ghost House – Tuesday 2am – The Good

6. Dream Bitches – Hierarchy Island – Coke and Spititers

7. *Run Chico Run – Horror Pills – Rocket Surgery

8. *Ghost Bee’s – Goldfish and Metermaids – Tasseomancy

9. Death Cab for Cutire – Grapevine Fires – Narrowstairs

10. *The Coast – Killing off our Friends – Expatriate

11. *Islands – Vertigo (If it’s a crime) – Arms Way

12. The Decemberists – This Island – The Crane Wife

13. *Bellevue – One, Two, Three – The Road to Recovery

14. *The Spins – Cougar – There is no Them

15. The Silver Jews – Self Ignition – Living Bridge v/a (compilation)

16. Charles Gansa – Charlene – Living Bridge v/a (compilation)

17. The Naysayer – The Shell – Living Bridge v/a (compilation)