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Well, I am officially residing in the great capitol of Alberta, Edmonton and having a grand ‘ole time. Srlsy. Grand.This city is treating me great thus far and I have met a bevy of fantastic people.

However, I rather miss having a whole hour and a half to dominate the airwaves with my bad self. I can only hope the 6pm-7:30pm is rip roaring awesome and not subjected to the evils of boring pre programmed digital play lists.

I will be posting my last playlist ASAP, basically as soon as posting it won’t get me fired my job, which I am at right now. This blog post may beget some caning even.

I am still waiting by the phone for CKUA or CBC Edmonton to call me begging for me to join their talented roster to radio folk, but since offers are slow coming in I will be hitting the streets very soon to see what I can fandangle in Edmonton’s radio culture.

Until the future,

Miss JP


CBC brand spankin’ new New Music Canada bands announced today as well new NMC videos! Double post-Halloween indie music whammy.

I love the Dee pick, very well done CBC.

To jump on this music video train, my music video pick would have to go to Winnipeg band, Quinzy and their video for the track The Decemberwolf directed by David Skene (a yet to be known but very talented Winnipeg film maker). This track comes complete with sugary sweet harmony parts and the hand clap breakdowns that have my heart all a flutter to begin with and this video only lives up to Quincey’s upbeat pop sound.

As an avid CBC listener, I am always pumped to hear of a great new band. What gets me even more pumped is to see/hear great local bands that I spent many a night listening to and many a day talking with get some CBC love. So, when I saw both Woodpigeon and then Summerlad as the featured bands for CBC Session my heart got warm and fuzzy with Calgary love.

Woodpigeon in Session

Summerlad in Session

Summerlad is very near and dear to my heart and I was around when the band first started getting some action in Calgary. Having worked with two members, Aaron Fisher and Dean Martin at the lovely Cafe Beano, I heard a lot about Summerlad and got to witness a little of the shaping of the band.

Woodpigeon, another great Calgary band got started not very long ago in my memory and I remember the first time I heard of them. At a show at Broken City to see Julie Doiron play I ran into some old freids which in turn introduced me to new friends which in turn introduced me to 1/4 of Woodpigeon (1/4 is still so many people, they have 16 in the band!)

These little tales of almost fame have absolutely nothing to do with how great their music is and how much I think the Calgary scene is doing to support their local bands and to push to boundaries of music. Whether it be the heart pounding, skid dancing, electro shouting music of SIDS or the post rock ambient sounds of Azeda Booth, the Calgary music scene is changing and for the better. Who knows, maybe Lethbridge is next? “Endangered Ape in Session”, Atrophy Manuscript as “New Music track of the day” the now defunct Kids n’ Pets (but maybe in the future together again?) reaching the R3 30 charts. Its too bad that people in this very town write off Lethbridge as backwater nothing, but there is so much talent and so much going here, it just takes a little risk to find out. So do it!

CBC Radio Three announced their new New Music Canada artists. Killer. I dig that they do this. It gives a lot of unknown artists from a variety of genres the chance to get some national scale coverage. Check it HERE. My top Fav: Silver Mt. Zion. Cannot get enough of these guys. Dreamy to the max.


Holy Fuck new on CBC Sessions. Dig dig dig this band. Wicked fun and who doesn’t love a legit reasons to drop the F bomb on air? Crazy folk that’s who. Check it HERE.


Take the CBC poll thing. Its a little like Grant Lawrence. Quick, concise and leaves you satisfied.