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Second last Random Nation show, 20 minutes late, one exam left, one sweet rad co-host, I saw Neil Young on the 26th.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

*Do Make Say Think РOuter Inner Secret  РWinter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

Cotton Jones – Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have) – Paranoid Cocoon

*Lhasa – Bells – Lhasa

Silver Jews – Candy Jail – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Condo Fucks – This is Where I Belong – Fuckbook

Black Keys – Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles – Flaming Lips/Black Keys 7inch split (released all special like for Record Store day)

*Shotgun Jimmie – Mind Crumb – Still Jimmie…

*Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst – From these Hands Bringing the Devil – Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst. (Local artists who’s infamy knows no hold)

Micachu -Eat Your Heart – Jewellery

Azure Ray – The Drinks We Drank Last Night – The Drinks We Drank Last Night 7inch.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Hysteric – It’s Blitz!

Micheal Liggins and the Supersouls – Loaded to the Gills – Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities LP

Prince – Sometimes it Snows in April – Parade/ Under the Cherry Moon

Pick of the Week: Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst. No link could be found, but if you’re lucky she may appear in a re-incarnation.

Sasquatch pre-amp! (thanks to Mama Sheen for this nod)

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele!


Radio friends, fans and distant stalkers.

Some sad news must grace this blog from time to time, and this is one of those times.

I will be leaving CKXU….for a few months anyways. I am making my way up north to the land of the Gold Rush, Bowls of Sugar and Blackbyrds.

Which means I will be taking a leave of absence from my weekly CKXU program, Random Nation…. which means tonight’s program will be my second to last.

As usual, I will bring to your ears some wicked indie rock, both old and new but you I ask to give me a little something back. A request, maybe two! Feel free to hit me up here, in the comment box below. Leave a band you would like to hear and I will make those records glow.

I will be attempting to con CJSR into allowing me on air, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements.


Miss JP

This Thursday December 18th at 7PM CKXU will be presenting a special screening of The Flaming Lips movie “Christmas On Mars” at Galileos in the SU!

If you’re a Lips fan, you have likely seen the 2005 doc Fearless Freaks and been salivating for Christmas on Mars ever since. In the making since 2001, this holiday special has been long awaited by Lips fans and movie freaks alike. Premiered at the 2008 SXSW and making its way across the nation, I have missed every chance to see this doc on a big screen and now CKXU is making it happen!

Tell all your friends and bring some guests. Admission is Free! Plus CKXU will be giving away some wicked cool Flaming Lips merch.
Check out this official trailer:
and this unofficial (but longer!) trailer:

A wicked couple weeks for my music soul.

Martha Wainwright at the The Grand in Calgary, tickets won from CBC Radio 3 (Thanks guys!):
Amazing show, Martha was in all her quirky glory and won over the audience from the first breathy note. Brian Borcherdt (you know, that guy from Holy Fuck) opened with a few songs from his solo release. I haven’t really gotten into his solo music all that much, but his live performance was so heart melting I foresee several mix tape appearances in the near future.

As for Martha herself, what can I say? She stole every heart in the place and returned them in better condition. An amazing performance, mostly stuff from her new album and a Leonard Cohen tribute. An intimate show, The Grand was the perfect venue but I am still a little jealous of this

The Grand

The Grand


***Photo’s courtesy of fellow concert goer Dustin Alen.

Alberta Boom Tour:

As previously posted, the Alberta Boom Tour was everything right about Alberta punk rock. I sadly missed the Lethbridge show due to crazy Alberta weather but the Calgary and Edmonton shows made up for that. Wicked sets by all the bands and even two bums for the price of one…

Check out these posts from Endangerd Ape blog and Off The Dial.

Lastly Pbone, CKXU’s music director, did a wicked pick’s of 2008 for Earshot! that you should totally check out.

live on air live blogging. Still at $4903.40. Pledge?

We have that wicked pledge pakc up for grabs, 4 CD’s. See below post.

Other thoughts:

1. TV on the Radio’s Dear Science album is off-puttingly quite good.

2. The rideable vacuum is awesome. I want one. That and a unicorn.


We have had one caller hang up on us.

and I am drinking a delcious hot beverage out of my CKXU mug. It is heart warming.

I am going on air in 31 minutes to co-host Torrid Love Affair. We are giving away a wicked playlist incentive. The first pledge of $50.oo gets a wicked pack of playlist stuff: Brendan Canning, Pica Beats, Chad Vangaalen, Darker my Love plus a wicked button PLUS a Friends card and a CKXU FUNdrive Tee.

It will be sweet. tune in. midnight-2am. CKXU 88.3 or

FUNdrive live blog update:

Right now, Tequila Sunrise is up and at ’em and FUNdriving. We are only $97 dollas away from five grand and we are itching for that five grand.

The radio station is totally full of FUNdrive love and flies. Mostly flies and right now it is just Girl O’Clock, MattyP and I Miss JP chilling and taking your mad pledges.

So call on up. I’ll keep updating on funny stuff and new FUNdrive totals as well as the bestest and brightest of awesomeness.

Tonight,  midnight to 2am I will be guest hosting with my good pal, Kyle on his show Torrid Love Affair. SO EXCITED!

FUNdrive update!!!

We are at two thousand three hundred and fifty two dollars!

Oh woooie!

Some updates outside money:

1. The flies are intolerable

2. Connor Crash is doing a wicked FUNdrive show

3. If you donate during “Rambunctious Nights Under Dim Street Lights” you can get:

– For a meer Eighty eight dollars and three cents you can get the buddy pack (TWO friends cards and TWO CKXU Tee’s) + Nardwuar DVD + some wicked CD’s of your choosing. Woah!

– For a pledge of only $25.00 you get your lovely and usefull CKXU Friends card AND Vancouger Sunglasses and an Eyeliners pen.

But you must must must pledge before 7:30 pm TONIGHT!

4. The coffee here is great,too bad I feel to sick to drink too much – which is probably good seeing as someof our volunteers have clearly over done the coffee intake and now are twitchy little things.

New FUNdrive total!!!


Speaking of FUNdrive…The station gets to be a pretty funny place with all this excitement and free Cupper’s coffee! Here are some hilarious excerpts:

Dr. Hot Pot of Rock: “You’re like a walking Wikipedia, only more useful and relevant.”

Jim Gunther: “You’re going to be like Snow White”

(In reference to Urvil’s two grey hairs in his amazing beard.)

Jim Gunther: “Yesterday, I killed a million….two million and 1/2 flys.”

Jim Gunther: “I learned a new word today…AWESOME!”

Sunday – third day for FUNdrive here at CKXU 88.3 fm.

We have made $2117.00 so far which is awesome. We are 18% towards our final goal of $12 000 and we still have 4 1/2 days to go!

Its gonna be awesommmeee.

Come on down to level one of the Student Building for some free Cuppers coffee and to say hello to us!

Also, checkout our website for the wicked Tee and button designs and for more FUNdrive information.

To give you guys some idea of the halirity at the station I will be recording funny statements made by our very own Old Man on the Mountain. Plus 18 warnings will be issued when necassary.

Phone into to pledge for our lovely station which is first on the dial and first in our hearts! 403 329 2400.