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Oh man, Saturday’s Sled Island pre-party/fundraiser was fucking amazing. I didn’t think Fucked Up could top their last year’s Sled Island show where he preformed with a still bleeding forehead injury, self induced by smashing a beer bottle, smashing a beer bottle on himself. However, I was proven so very wrong and for the first time in my life I was ok with it. The energy, the climbing, the pant dropping, it was cloud 9 1/2. Endangered Ape and The Sharp Ends preformed mind blasting sets as usual. Pretty much best ever.

This weeks playlist:

Wilco – Radio Cure – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

*Eric’s Trip – Universal Dawn – Purple Blue

*Richard Laviolette and his Hollow Hooves – Stop Dancing – Aging Recycling Plant

Volcano Suns – Room with a View – All Night Lotus Party

*The Pine Tarts – City – Faux Foxes

*Plunt – Boner – Plunt

*The Bayonets!!! – Bus Link – NO ALBUM YET! GET ON IT BAYONETS!!!

Meercaz – Unlust – Meercaz

*Johnny and the G Rays – Trying to Change My Head – Every Twist Reminds

Telekinesis – Tokyo – Telekinesis!

The Love Language – Sparxxx – The Love Language

*Joel Plaskett – Though and Through and Through – Three

Pick of the Week:

Richard Laviolette and his Hollow Hooves!

Sasquatch Pre-Amp

Fleet (mother fucking- not that they would use that language…) Foxes.

So excited.


Sasquatch announced  their 2009 line-up today (thanks to all you twit’s who kept me in the loop….) and it is lookin’ mighty fine.

Personal high lites include Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, TV on the Radio, Of Montreal, Explosions in the Sky, M83, The Walkmen, Monotonix, The Pica Beats, Demetri Martin and Tim and Eric. Seriously, this is pretty fly. I have yet to see 60% of this list live…

Sasquatch always provides a pretty sweet ass time and everyone who has gone has had nothing but very good things to say.

The Gorge is amazing, the music is on-going and fantastic and because it’s in May it doesn’t usually get “unbearably-Coachella-I’m-gonna-die-but-I-won’t-buy-a-3-dollar-bottle-of-water” hot. Which is good news bears. That being said, Coachella’s line up is looking good too. Huge as usual which means there are a lot of artists to check out, but a little desperate. Kinda like that second cousin who seeks you out at family gathering’s, sporting American Appearl tights, a “vintage looking” tee, an eyebrow peircing and talks about that great indie band “Death Cab for Cutie” they just discovered  “ON VINYL”.

Ya know?

More info? Check it!

Lastly, as a gift: