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First on the dial, first in your heart?

Its 1:22 am, Kyle and I are playing music we only get to hear on CKXU and having a grand ‘ole time and dancing to the Fake Cops.

It is fantastic.

Pledging isn’t important anymore. In fact, don’t pledge, that’s fine. We know your tired and cranky but tomorrow morning we both expect you to get up nice and early and phone us at 329 2400 for some early morning pledge action.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Over and out.


Miss JP and Kyle.



live on air live blogging. Still at $4903.40. Pledge?

We have that wicked pledge pakc up for grabs, 4 CD’s. See below post.

Other thoughts:

1. TV on the Radio’s Dear Science album is off-puttingly quite good.

2. The rideable vacuum is awesome. I want one. That and a unicorn.


We have had one caller hang up on us.

and I am drinking a delcious hot beverage out of my CKXU mug. It is heart warming.

I am going on air in 31 minutes to co-host Torrid Love Affair. We are giving away a wicked playlist incentive. The first pledge of $50.oo gets a wicked pack of playlist stuff: Brendan Canning, Pica Beats, Chad Vangaalen, Darker my Love plus a wicked button PLUS a Friends card and a CKXU FUNdrive Tee.

It will be sweet. tune in. midnight-2am. CKXU 88.3 or

FUNdrive live blog update:

Right now, Tequila Sunrise is up and at ’em and FUNdriving. We are only $97 dollas away from five grand and we are itching for that five grand.

The radio station is totally full of FUNdrive love and flies. Mostly flies and right now it is just Girl O’Clock, MattyP and I Miss JP chilling and taking your mad pledges.

So call on up. I’ll keep updating on funny stuff and new FUNdrive totals as well as the bestest and brightest of awesomeness.

Tonight,  midnight to 2am I will be guest hosting with my good pal, Kyle on his show Torrid Love Affair. SO EXCITED!

FUNdrive update!!!

We are at two thousand three hundred and fifty two dollars!

Oh woooie!

Some updates outside money:

1. The flies are intolerable

2. Connor Crash is doing a wicked FUNdrive show

3. If you donate during “Rambunctious Nights Under Dim Street Lights” you can get:

– For a meer Eighty eight dollars and three cents you can get the buddy pack (TWO friends cards and TWO CKXU Tee’s) + Nardwuar DVD + some wicked CD’s of your choosing. Woah!

– For a pledge of only $25.00 you get your lovely and usefull CKXU Friends card AND Vancouger Sunglasses and an Eyeliners pen.

But you must must must pledge before 7:30 pm TONIGHT!

4. The coffee here is great,too bad I feel to sick to drink too much – which is probably good seeing as someof our volunteers have clearly over done the coffee intake and now are twitchy little things.

New FUNdrive total!!!


Speaking of FUNdrive…The station gets to be a pretty funny place with all this excitement and free Cupper’s coffee! Here are some hilarious excerpts:

Dr. Hot Pot of Rock: “You’re like a walking Wikipedia, only more useful and relevant.”

Jim Gunther: “You’re going to be like Snow White”

(In reference to Urvil’s two grey hairs in his amazing beard.)

Jim Gunther: “Yesterday, I killed a million….two million and 1/2 flys.”

Jim Gunther: “I learned a new word today…AWESOME!”

Sunday – third day for FUNdrive here at CKXU 88.3 fm.

We have made $2117.00 so far which is awesome. We are 18% towards our final goal of $12 000 and we still have 4 1/2 days to go!

Its gonna be awesommmeee.

Come on down to level one of the Student Building for some free Cuppers coffee and to say hello to us!

Also, checkout our website for the wicked Tee and button designs and for more FUNdrive information.

To give you guys some idea of the halirity at the station I will be recording funny statements made by our very own Old Man on the Mountain. Plus 18 warnings will be issued when necassary.

Phone into to pledge for our lovely station which is first on the dial and first in our hearts! 403 329 2400.

This years FUNdrive playlist. Short and sweet but all Canadian and all awesome!

Thanks Cassandra for co-hosting with me! We gave away some sweet prizes and will be hanging around, answering phones and giving CKXU love all week long! Phone into pledge 329 2400!

Artist – Album – Track Title * = Canadian

1. *The Evaporators – Tellin’ Youth the Truth – Gassy Jack and Other Tales (Nardwuar! The Campus-Community radio guru! Check him out at CiTR

2. *Women – Black Rice – Women (Calgary’s own! Local rocks! Check ’em at or from this article in Calgary’s independent newspaper FFWD.)

3. *The Coast – All Farewells – The Coast (From Halifax! I interviewed them! They’re really nice and cute!)

4. *Endangered Ape – Down with the Gullwing Doors – Endagered Ape (Local – Lethbridge! Awesome people! Great Vinyl collections held by several band members! Check ’em out on myspace or CKXU events!!)

5. *Sloan – Can’t Face Up – One Chord to Another (I also interviewed them! Well, Jay Ferguson. We talked about his socks….!)

6. *The Stolen Minks – Bring it – High Kicks (Also form Halifax! They once called me super nice and awesome through their blog. I was smitten.)

That does it for this week but phone and pledge for some wicked CKXU swag! 403 329 2400 or



a) I know I am missing a couple playlists, I will be tracking them down and getting them logged ASAP.

b) Its CKXU Fundrive and I will be live blogging throughout this week as often as physically possible to let you know all the wicked and fun times happening down at the station. I will also be having special guests on my blog this week to tell about what fun their having at CKXU 88.3 FM’s FUNdrive!

So, the first installment:

As of 4:37pm on the very first day of FUNdrive we have raised just under $800.00 and have some amazing pirze packs to give away:

On Kfresh and the Emo’s with Kfresh:

1. A Mint prize pack! Yours with a $150.00 pedge (which also gets you the CKXU buddy pack 2! Two friends cards, one CKXU tee and one CKXU hoodie AND two mugs!!!)

2. $75.00 Blueprint g/c with a $50.00 pledge (which also gets you a Tee and a Friends card! woah!)

Random Nation with Miss JP:

1. “Re-issue this” pack – $50.00 – Gets you the regular $50.00 pledge pack as well as the “re-issue this” pack which is Metric’s re-issue of “Grow Up and Blow Away” and wicked Best Of Radiohead CD AND a very very old school Metric sticker (from their days). Little tid bit – Metrics upcoming LP is being produced by Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich…See what I did there? Clever right?!

2. “How to impress on a first date” pack  – for a mere $90 pledge you get the CKXU Buddy pack 1 which is two friends cards plus two CKXU tee’s and the “How to impress on a first date” pack which includes: Chad Vangaalens new album “Soft Airplane”, as Mint compilation full Vancouver and area lovin’ love songs and Mint Records mint tin/mints (for those first date kisses!)

Stay tuned all week long to learn about why CKXU needs your pledges and call in 329 2400 to pledge!

Tonight’s show will feature some new and amazing artists and my FUNdrive speacial co-host Cassandra!