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From the mouth of babes:

Like all garage bands do, Endangered Ape are calling it quits.

We have three shows left – July 30 at The Hydeaway in Edmonton / July 31 at Broken City (NOBUNNY!), and then a going-away extravaganza on August 15 at Henotic featuring old friends and new friends, as well as The Famines, Sharp Ends (and surprise guests?). Try to make it pals…

Who knows what the future has in store though right?

(via Paul Lawton and Evan van Reekum)

These folks have done a lot in the last year and a half to get the Lethbridge music scene on the map and to encourage new and local bands to get out there and play bigger, badder scenes.

Plus, E Ape is just straight up rad music.

Go to thier last few shows, grab some limited edition merch and buy thier music. You will regret your life if you don’t.


This years Sled Island line up, late on the draw, yes. However, also included in the post below is some great pre-post-in-tandem Seld Island festivites. So, stop complaining ok?

Official Sled Island Schedule

(schedules linked, below are my top picks, which are just ’cause I’m stoked to see these).

(Lethbridge = ^ Calgary = # Edmonton = +)


*Sub-linguals# @Tubby Dog – 8:15pm


*The Superfantastics @Verns – 12:30am


*Cool art show @a bunch of places – 5pm-onwards

*Fox Opera# @Dickens – 9:30pm; Endangered Ape^ @Verns  -10:30pm; Pine Tarts# @Lord Nelson – 11pm; The Pack A.D. @Pal0mino – midnight; Monotonix @Distillery – 1am


*Summerlad#, Malajube, Biz Markie#, M5, Holy Fuck @Olympic Plaza – 3pm-8pm; NARWAUR VIDEO VAULT (ft. New Danger Kids^, Hot Panda+, and The Evaporators!!) 8pm – midnight; The Breeders @Olympic Plaza – 9:45pm; King Khan and BBQ @Dickens- midnight; HEALTH @Lord Nelson – 1am

Saturday (this is where is gets hard)

*If you can get up…. All Market Collective shopping @Ant Hill-11am

*Square Waves^ @Lord Nelson – 9pm; Myelin Sheaths^ @Dicken’s – 10pm; Bayonets!!!+ @Broken City – 10:30pm; The Moby Dicks^ @Tubby Dog – 11pm; Obits, The Wicked Awesomes+ @Broken City – 11:30pm; Liars @Dickens – 1am


*Find a breakfast house party. Just walk around Kensington for a while with a flask and a pack of ciggies, it will come to you.

Non-Official Sled Island parties (which most have past and now I’m lacking in content).

Mammoth Cave Productions presents: Sled Island South!!!

Saturday June 20th, 2009

The New Danger Kids, Endangered Ape, Myelin Sheaths, Sleepy Head, Square Waves, The Moby Dicks, Mt. Royal, Mount Analog, Sleepy Heads.

@Henontic – 8pm. $12.00 at the door

“All ticket-buyers will be entered to win two passes to the Sled Island Festival being held between June 24 and June 27.”

Beatroute presents: A Sled Island Hangover Breakfast

@Local 510 – 10am

“Come celebrate Sled Island 09 BeatRoute style! Enjoy a free breakfast, cheap drinks specials, and some kick-ass live music courtesy of some festival performers: Githead (featuring Colin Newman of Wire); Hot Panda (Mint Records); No Gold (Rad-couver); Hunter Gatherer (local dudes)

Sponsored by Mint Records”

Lastly, who else is stoked for The Breeders?

Well, I am officially residing in the great capitol of Alberta, Edmonton and having a grand ‘ole time. Srlsy. Grand.This city is treating me great thus far and I have met a bevy of fantastic people.

However, I rather miss having a whole hour and a half to dominate the airwaves with my bad self. I can only hope the 6pm-7:30pm is rip roaring awesome and not subjected to the evils of boring pre programmed digital play lists.

I will be posting my last playlist ASAP, basically as soon as posting it won’t get me fired my job, which I am at right now. This blog post may beget some caning even.

I am still waiting by the phone for CKUA or CBC Edmonton to call me begging for me to join their talented roster to radio folk, but since offers are slow coming in I will be hitting the streets very soon to see what I can fandangle in Edmonton’s radio culture.

Until the future,

Miss JP

Second last Random Nation show, 20 minutes late, one exam left, one sweet rad co-host, I saw Neil Young on the 26th.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

*Do Make Say Think – Outer Inner Secret  – Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

Cotton Jones – Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have) – Paranoid Cocoon

*Lhasa – Bells – Lhasa

Silver Jews – Candy Jail – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Condo Fucks – This is Where I Belong – Fuckbook

Black Keys – Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles – Flaming Lips/Black Keys 7inch split (released all special like for Record Store day)

*Shotgun Jimmie – Mind Crumb – Still Jimmie…

*Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst – From these Hands Bringing the Devil – Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst. (Local artists who’s infamy knows no hold)

Micachu -Eat Your Heart – Jewellery

Azure Ray – The Drinks We Drank Last Night – The Drinks We Drank Last Night 7inch.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Hysteric – It’s Blitz!

Micheal Liggins and the Supersouls – Loaded to the Gills – Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities LP

Prince – Sometimes it Snows in April – Parade/ Under the Cherry Moon

Pick of the Week: Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst. No link could be found, but if you’re lucky she may appear in a re-incarnation.

Sasquatch pre-amp! (thanks to Mama Sheen for this nod)

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele!

Lethbridge will be mad reppin’ at this years Sled Island.

Both Endangered Ape and new “girl group on acid” Myelin Sheaths (ft. Girl O’Clock and Joel of Boys from Nowhere infamy) will be playing.

To wet your appetite, a little E Ape from my backyard. A slightly old line up but pure rawk.:

Ever have those days when nothing really goes wrong, but it seems that nothing really good is happening either? A greyish-white could of uncertainty just hangs there, above everything you do and happens to you during the day.

That has been this past week for this lady.

Which is why I am hypothetically pumped to hear that NEIL YOUNG is playing here in Lethbridge, April 25th but cannot seem to work up the actual level of excitement this announcement deserves. Either way, for real folks, Neil Young, in Lethbridge. Do a couple handsprings for me would ya? The urge to see him live has only intensified for me after watching Rust Never Sleeps, so unlike Fleetwood Mac (which is minus Christine McVie and therefore minus this girl, plus the ticket price is a little steep…like mt. Everest steep) I will be shelling out some bucks to see this. An unexpected announcement which has some people wondering why. My hypothesis is that Bobby D. told Young how sweet this audience is sometime while he was lurking outside his supposed residence.

Other news:

CKXU is airing CKUT’s annual Homelessness Marathon. 16 hours of live broadcasting from streets across Canada to bring attention to a true nation crisis. For more information on the broadcast, click here, for information on CKXU’s airing of the broadcast and to hear the boardcast stream live from your very own personal computer, click HERE.

Lastly, a prep for Sasquatch, Black Moth Super Rainbow. Saw these guys open for The Flaming Lips September 2007  and they were pretty killer. A must see on my list. The synth….The synth!

Music news, music news, music news…

Trying hard to come up with something original but alas no dice so here is some regurgitated info that you may or may not care about:

1. Indie fav’s Endangered Ape, Los Cremators and The Pine Tarts are doing an Alberta Boom tour which looks to be the best thing to happen to Alberta since the tar sands. Seriously, its going be freakin’ awesome. Playing at The Palomino in Calgary on the 5th with Thee Thems, label mates of The Sharp Ends and Hazard Lights. (thanks for the Facebook friend request guys!) , Hooliganzing it in Edmonton on the 6th with The Wicked Awesomes (who are very true to their name) and ending off in Lethbridge at The Slice. Amongst the 100 983 848 999 reasons to go to these shows, the 100 983 848 998th reason is the chance to pick up an Alberta Boom compilation ON TAPE. Yah, that’s freakin’ right. And you though 7inches were indie? F that noise.Full of good old fashioned Alberta indie, this tape will get you laid faster than a Delorean.

For more info on the tour, Endangered Ape and being awesome in general check out E Ape’s blog…Its full of nerdy music good times.

2. Speaking of 7 inches and The Wicked Awesome’s….I just nabbed their 7inch split with Montreal brothers from another mother O Voids at the Lethbridge show at The Zoo. Its freakin’ sweet as all get out and the album cover art is prime A quality. Check out how to order this this gold star split from Seven Ten Twelve.

3. Chinese Democracy finally happened.

4. CBC Radio Three did myself and an excellent friend of mine a huge solid with some free Martha Wainwright Tix for the Calgary show this Sunday. That’s right boys and girls; me and a Wainwright. What an intimate affair.

Bob Dylan is coming to Lethbridge.

That is the only sentance I can write before hyperventilating…

Here goes.

Check out more about the tour here.

This weeks playlist is wrought with literary references and a Sloan contest! Why a Sloan contest? Well….

SLOAN IS COMING TO LETHBRIDGE.  Caps Lock was very very necessary. Sloan, right here in Lethbridge Monday September 22nd. Which is this Monday coming up! Excited!

I am running a contest to win two tickets, one pair, to Sloan for the 22nd. How it works:

At 7:30pm I will be posting a Sloan trivia question on this blog. The first person to correctly answer the trivia question in the comment box will win a pair of tickets to SLOAN! Woot.

So, stay tuned to CKXU 88.3fm and log onto this blog at 7:30pm for all your dreams to come true.

Now, on with the show…

This weeks playlist:

artist – track title – album  * = Canadian

1. The Notwist – Good Lies – The Devil, You and Me

2. *The Paper Cranes – Middle Class Guilt – Halcyon

3. *Novillero – The Prank Note – A Little Tradition

4. The Wombats – Patricia the Stripper – A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation

5. *Taking Aba Lonia – Lady Hourglass, Your Heads on Fire

6. *Vancouger – (I Hope Your) Money (Keeps You Warm) – Canadian Tuxedo

7. Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy – Dorian Grey – Sharing a Head

8. The Exploding Club – Forever – Freedom Wind

9. Herman Dune – Pure Hearts – 1-2-3/ Apple Tree EP

10. King Khan and The Shrines – Took My Lady To Dinner – The Supreme Genius Of…

11. *Women – Group Transport Hall – Women

12. *Human Kind – Romancing the Dark – It Will All End in Tears

13. Endless Boogie – Executive Focus – Focus

14. The Plastic Constellations – We Are Genius Millionaires – We Will Appreciate You

15. King Darves – This Ivory – The Sun Splits for the Blind Swimmers

16. *Beef Donut – Equally Awesome – Triple Back Flips into the Splits

17. *Wolf Parade – Call it a Ritual – At Mount Zoomer

18. Mates of State – Great Dame – Re-Arrange Us

19. Library Voices – Things We Took from Vonneguts Grave – Hunting Ghosts

20. *Alena Manera – Patchwork – Alena Manera EP

21. Butcher the Beat – Sex Szene – Sleep at your Own Speed

Yep, Lethbridge’s own Endangered Ape is touring across the globe this month! Ok, not globe but some very lucky spots will be hit with some crazy amount of sexy pretty soon, them plus The Wicked Awesome’s, whats up! Check out their MySpace page for tour dates, as well as listen to their music. They just recently finished recording which is good because previously the songs they had up on MySpace sounded terrible, which is a real shame as they sound great in real life.

Here’s a video of E. Ape playing at a recent chairty event held yearly in Lethbridge, Art for Peace. They’re far way which is sad for the audience but Radam’s sexiness radiated through the rain clouds and they sound like mean bad ass rock stars (which they are, I have proof in a bruise on my arm that the bassist gave me before the show right before he chugged a two-four of Russian Prince Vodka)

Also in Lethbridge’s local music scene – The Slice Bar and Grill has some wicked shows coming up including Wax Mannequin, The Wicked Awesomes, Animal Names, Beija Flor, and Women. Check out their MySpace too! I recommend “The Slice Special” pizza, with no sausage, because eating animal muscle tissue is gross.

I would tell you about other show at other venues but Lethbridge doesn’t have any venues other than The Slice right now. Which I guess is awesome if you love The Slice and hate finding new places, or have a bad sense of direction.