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From the mouth of babes:

Like all garage bands do, Endangered Ape are calling it quits.

We have three shows left – July 30 at The Hydeaway in Edmonton / July 31 at Broken City (NOBUNNY!), and then a going-away extravaganza on August 15 at Henotic featuring old friends and new friends, as well as The Famines, Sharp Ends (and surprise guests?). Try to make it pals…

Who knows what the future has in store though right?

(via Paul Lawton and Evan van Reekum)

These folks have done a lot in the last year and a half to get the Lethbridge music scene on the map and to encourage new and local bands to get out there and play bigger, badder scenes.

Plus, E Ape is just straight up rad music.

Go to thier last few shows, grab some limited edition merch and buy thier music. You will regret your life if you don’t.


Tonight’s agenda:

Edmonton’s own, Alena Menera

Montreal darlings, The Lovely Feathers

Both at the Hideaway. Check it.

p.s. I finally saw the video for that “3oh3” song, and I am almost 100% sure that it must be a joke. Even funnier and is possible more insulting, the spoofs (they are spoofs right?! I really don’t think I understand kids these days).

Yah, title says it all. I am clearly not very clever today…

Artists – Track Title – Album * = Canadian Content

1. The Decemberists – Eli the Barrow Boy – Picaresque

2. *Cinderpop – Cinnamon Winters – A Lesson in Science

3. Elliot Smith – Pretty (Ugly Before) – From a Basement on a Hill

4. *The Dears – Never Destroy Us – No Cities Left

5. *Bellevue – I’ve Been Meaning to Get Therapy – The Road to Recovery

6. Beck – Modern Guilt – Modern Guilt

7. *Hey Rosetta! – Red Heart – Into Your Lungs

8. *Sabestian Grainger – American Names – American Names

9. *Endangerd Ape – Down With the Gullwing Door – n/a (check out thier myspace…)

10. Sarandon – The Discotheque is my Lover – Kill Twee Pop

11. DFA 1979 – Romantic Rights – You’re a Woman, i’m a Machine

11. *The Carps – Heavens Gates and Hells Flames – Waves and Shambles

12. Foals – The French Open – Antidotes

13. *Creature – Briggitte Bardot – No Sleep At All

14. James Jackson Toth – Midnight Watchman – Waiting in Vain

15. Aviary Ghost – Humam Kids – Memory is a Hallway

16. *Snailhouse – Dollar Signs – Lies on the Prize

17. *Hills Like White Elephants – A Sword in the Circle – Himalaya

18. The Airborne – Innocence – Toxic Event