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Ah, the long used expression of care, love, friendship, music snobbery: a mix tape.

Once an actual tape, a painstakingly long process of taping songs from radio or LP’s, a laborious process of cutting at the right moment, picking the right songs in the right order the FIRST time and perfecting the timing.

Evolution:  itunes, a mix tape became as easy as one, two, three. A true music aficionado with a bevy of hard to find mp3’s at their finger tips could punch out a collection meant to evoke any feeling in no time. BUT there are still some pesky limitations. Songs that you owned on your itunes only, the pain/wait of torrenting and listening to ensure that Jay Reatard single is not actually a sneaky Celine Dion in disguise, a 180 minute time limit and of course the physical presence of the CD. A case to be decorated and a permanent fixture of your devotion.

Now, the latest in mix tape technology makes a mix tape as easy as entering a wikipedia article. gives you the ease and convenience of built in torrent-like options ( works by accessing blogs and other mp3 downlodable site. It works ok but doesn’t hold a candle to the mp3’s you can access from your own ingenuity and has little in the way of the really obscure but the classics are all there…), a design feature to “personalize” your mix tape and the best part of all…a constant edit process to allow you to change your track listing, the order, the title, pretty much everything.

A great program for us music junkies who’s itunes cannot keep up with our desires but let there be a strict warning within this post:

Boys and girls, think twice before this becomes your way of affection expression. Its a slippery slope right up there with e-cards and facebook gifts. They are too easy to mean too much but for convenience sake and personal satisfaction, this site along with Last fm and others (notably the now defunct muxtape – which I thank girloclock for pointing out to me, and upon closer inspection the introspective site history is very telling of the nature of mainstream music industry and the precarious nature of all music blogs, sharing sites and even the simplest mp3 download links ) will do much to make those long work days and essay writing sessions more enjoyable.


A wicked hombre of mine passed along this kickin’ remix he did of M83’s “Can’t Stop”. I loved it so much I had to share it with the world!

M83\’s \”Can\’t Stop\” remix – B Mcguig and P Stap

If you love it as well, feel free to share it.