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Maybe a slight exaggeration So, whats up with the weather in Alberta lately?    Amirite?

Speaking of freaks, check out Weird Music Canada. Its better than Pitchfork, but then again so is everything. Seriously though, Canadian music blog that stays true to its roots and to its name. Worth an RSS add.

Speaking of storms, my buds Myelin Sheaths are f’ing blowing up, or at least nicely settled in a forest green rising hot air balloon destined for success. To think, soon I’ll be living with these rock stars. Better start practicing doing blow off illegal sex trade workers. Updated: Weird Canada did a rad post on the released album.

Speaking of doing blow off illegal sex trade workers, next radio program is TONIGHT (ohmygawd) 7pm-8pmMST on 88.5fm in the Edmonton area or worldwide here.


Last Class Bash is going on upstairs and while this yearly event happens…every year, I still cannot deal.

Tonight, GCBG hosts the premier gig of the hot new acid rock girl group, Myelin Sheaths! F. Yah.

On tonight’s programs:

Artist – Track Title – Album  * = Canadian

Silver Mt. Zion – Black Waters Blowed/Engine Break Blues -13 Blues for Thireteen Moons

PJ Harvey and John Parish – Sixteen, Fifeteen, Fourteen – A Woman A Man Walked By

The Hive Dwellers – My Noise (Superchunk cover) – 20 years of Merge Records: The Covers

The Balky Mules – Before Too Long – The Length of the Rail

Elvis Costello – No Dancing – My Aim is True

*Immaculate Machine – Thank Me Later – High on Jackson Hill

*Megan Hamilton – I ❤ Computers

Matteah Baim – Pagoda – Laughing Boy

Friday Hyvoen – Dirty Dancing – Silence is Wild

*the O Voids – On Fire – O Voids/Wicked Awesome 7inch split

*Bayonets!!! – Glassteeth

*The Summerlad – Everyone Scolds the Wolf – The Summerlad 7inch

*Japanroids – Wet Hair – Post- Nothing

Weird Owl – Skeletelepathic – Tee Pee Records Sampler

Myelin Sheaths – Your Acid is too Basic

Jetplanes of Abraham – Not Tonight – Jetplanes of Abraham

Pick of the Week: Silver Mt. Zion

Sasquatch pre-amp:


Lethbridge will be mad reppin’ at this years Sled Island.

Both Endangered Ape and new “girl group on acid” Myelin Sheaths (ft. Girl O’Clock and Joel of Boys from Nowhere infamy) will be playing.

To wet your appetite, a little E Ape from my backyard. A slightly old line up but pure rawk.: