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CBC brand spankin’ new New Music Canada bands announced today as well new NMC videos! Double post-Halloween indie music whammy.

I love the Dee pick, very well done CBC.

To jump on this music video train, my music video pick would have to go to Winnipeg band, Quinzy and their video for the track The Decemberwolf directed by David Skene (a yet to be known but very talented Winnipeg film maker). This track comes complete with sugary sweet harmony parts and the hand clap breakdowns that have my heart all a flutter to begin with and this video only lives up to Quincey’s upbeat pop sound.


CBC Radio Three announced their new New Music Canada artists. Killer. I dig that they do this. It gives a lot of unknown artists from a variety of genres the chance to get some national scale coverage. Check it HERE. My top Fav: Silver Mt. Zion. Cannot get enough of these guys. Dreamy to the max.


Holy Fuck new on CBC Sessions. Dig dig dig this band. Wicked fun and who doesn’t love a legit reasons to drop the F bomb on air? Crazy folk that’s who. Check it HERE.


Take the CBC poll thing. Its a little like Grant Lawrence. Quick, concise and leaves you satisfied.