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I am not at SXSW. Pbone, CKXU’s music director is though and I am living vicariously through his tweets. Also, twitter is the biggest thing ever right now. This is what it must have felt like to be part of the hula hoop craze.

Artist – Song – Album  * = Canadian

The Badhand – Pls Answer UR Phone – in this line wish you happiness

Giraffe Running – Comic Strip – Giraffe Running

*dd/mm/yyyy – Vantan – dd/mm/yyyy

*The Ostrich – Don’t Rock – Pizza Records: Party Pack 7inch (get it, its worth your trouble)

*Thee Thems – Oh Shit! – Pizza Records: Party Pack 7inch

Cotton Jones – Some Strange Rain – Paranoid Cocoon

The Lil’ Hospital – Nothing Like a Car Crash – The Lil’ Hospital 7inch

*The Maynards – Dance Fight ’83 – Date and Destroy (They’re from Halifax!)

*Cuff the Duke – Anti-Social – Cuff the Duke (I have seen Wayne Petti in his skivies. It’s pretty hot)

*Miesha and the Spanks – Bedroom Back – Miesha and the Spanks 7inch

The Handsome Family – I Fell

Bonnie Prince Billy – Without Work, You Have Nothing – Beware

Vetiver – Through the Front Door – Tight Knit

Belle and Sebastian – Like Dylan in the Movies – The BBC Sessions

Yellow Fever – Culver City – Yellow Fever 7inch

The Flaming Lips – Can’t Get You out of My Head – Fight Test

Monster Bobby – Work in the Morning – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope

* Tokyo Police Club – Shoulders and Arms – A Lesson in Crime

*The Balcony – Rest Up – The Balcony EP

*Stolen Minks – Shut Up

Pick of the Week: Miesha and the Spanks. A wicked voice, a killer band and gold vinyl? Sold.

Sasquatch (re: better then SXSW anyway…) pre-view:

M. Ward!


Uh. So many mistakes this show. Now this program will forever be labeled as “Miss jp’s hour of mistake’s”. That’s ok. Learn from that shit and all that jazz, amirite?

Anyways, f that noise. It was a sweet show none the less. Plus my Nana was listening. Which ups the sweet anti.

Playlist time?


Artist – Track Title – Album

1. Broken Social Scene – Lovers Spit – Bee Hives (cause of first major mistake…)

2. Beck – Paper Tiger – Sea Change

3. Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows – Cohen Live

4. Chad VanGaalen – Sing Me 2 Sleep – Skelliconnection

5. Odawa – The Ease of the Giant Irish Elk – The Blue Depths

6. PSAPP – Mister Ant – The Camels Back

7. Hot Panda – Cold Hands/ Chapped Lips – Volcano…Bloody Volcano

8. Arcade Fire – Vampires/ Forest Fires – Arcade Fire EP

9. The Neighborhood Council – Lemonade – v/a CSJW 2009 compilation

10. Woodpigeon – …A Given – Treasury Library Canada

Pick of the Week: Being really really bummed about the state of the indie music industry right now. Want to know? See this little ditty about Touch and Go Records. (Thanks Pbone, without you I am lost…)

A wicked couple weeks for my music soul.

Martha Wainwright at the The Grand in Calgary, tickets won from CBC Radio 3 (Thanks guys!):
Amazing show, Martha was in all her quirky glory and won over the audience from the first breathy note. Brian Borcherdt (you know, that guy from Holy Fuck) opened with a few songs from his solo release. I haven’t really gotten into his solo music all that much, but his live performance was so heart melting I foresee several mix tape appearances in the near future.

As for Martha herself, what can I say? She stole every heart in the place and returned them in better condition. An amazing performance, mostly stuff from her new album and a Leonard Cohen tribute. An intimate show, The Grand was the perfect venue but I am still a little jealous of this

The Grand

The Grand


***Photo’s courtesy of fellow concert goer Dustin Alen.

Alberta Boom Tour:

As previously posted, the Alberta Boom Tour was everything right about Alberta punk rock. I sadly missed the Lethbridge show due to crazy Alberta weather but the Calgary and Edmonton shows made up for that. Wicked sets by all the bands and even two bums for the price of one…

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Lastly Pbone, CKXU’s music director, did a wicked pick’s of 2008 for Earshot! that you should totally check out.