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This is my last Random Nation episode in a little while.  Thanks to Curtis Fowke for providing a pin cushion to poke my last few needles into.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

*Women – Shaking Hands – Women

British Sea Power – Fear of Drowning – The Decline of the British Sea Power

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling into Place – In Rainbows

*King Khan and the Shrines – 69 Faces of Love – What Is?!

Silver Jews – Strange Victory, Strange Defeat – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Iron and Wine – Cinder and Smoke – Our Endless Numbered Days

*Patrick Watson – Fireweed – Wooden Arms

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos – Sun Giant

Wilco – I am Trying to Break Your Heart – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Sun Kil Moon – Four Fingered Fisherman – Tiny Cities

*Pink Mountaintops – The Gayest of Sunbeams – Outside Love

No Age – Eraser – Eraser 7inch

The Heavy – Coleen – Great Vengeance and the Furious Five

XDS – Royal Fantasy Show – Forest Field

Pick of the Week: No Age

Sasquatch pre-amp!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Second last Random Nation show, 20 minutes late, one exam left, one sweet rad co-host, I saw Neil Young on the 26th.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

*Do Make Say Think – Outer Inner Secret  – Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

Cotton Jones – Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have) – Paranoid Cocoon

*Lhasa – Bells – Lhasa

Silver Jews – Candy Jail – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Condo Fucks – This is Where I Belong – Fuckbook

Black Keys – Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles – Flaming Lips/Black Keys 7inch split (released all special like for Record Store day)

*Shotgun Jimmie – Mind Crumb – Still Jimmie…

*Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst – From these Hands Bringing the Devil – Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst. (Local artists who’s infamy knows no hold)

Micachu -Eat Your Heart – Jewellery

Azure Ray – The Drinks We Drank Last Night – The Drinks We Drank Last Night 7inch.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Hysteric – It’s Blitz!

Micheal Liggins and the Supersouls – Loaded to the Gills – Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities LP

Prince – Sometimes it Snows in April – Parade/ Under the Cherry Moon

Pick of the Week: Sick OH! and the Community de Catalyst. No link could be found, but if you’re lucky she may appear in a re-incarnation.

Sasquatch pre-amp! (thanks to Mama Sheen for this nod)

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele!

Last Class Bash is going on upstairs and while this yearly event happens…every year, I still cannot deal.

Tonight, GCBG hosts the premier gig of the hot new acid rock girl group, Myelin Sheaths! F. Yah.

On tonight’s programs:

Artist – Track Title – Album  * = Canadian

Silver Mt. Zion – Black Waters Blowed/Engine Break Blues -13 Blues for Thireteen Moons

PJ Harvey and John Parish – Sixteen, Fifeteen, Fourteen – A Woman A Man Walked By

The Hive Dwellers – My Noise (Superchunk cover) – 20 years of Merge Records: The Covers

The Balky Mules – Before Too Long – The Length of the Rail

Elvis Costello – No Dancing – My Aim is True

*Immaculate Machine – Thank Me Later – High on Jackson Hill

*Megan Hamilton – I ❤ Computers

Matteah Baim – Pagoda – Laughing Boy

Friday Hyvoen – Dirty Dancing – Silence is Wild

*the O Voids – On Fire – O Voids/Wicked Awesome 7inch split

*Bayonets!!! – Glassteeth

*The Summerlad – Everyone Scolds the Wolf – The Summerlad 7inch

*Japanroids – Wet Hair – Post- Nothing

Weird Owl – Skeletelepathic – Tee Pee Records Sampler

Myelin Sheaths – Your Acid is too Basic

Jetplanes of Abraham – Not Tonight – Jetplanes of Abraham

Pick of the Week: Silver Mt. Zion

Sasquatch pre-amp:


Oh man, Saturday’s Sled Island pre-party/fundraiser was fucking amazing. I didn’t think Fucked Up could top their last year’s Sled Island show where he preformed with a still bleeding forehead injury, self induced by smashing a beer bottle, smashing a beer bottle on himself. However, I was proven so very wrong and for the first time in my life I was ok with it. The energy, the climbing, the pant dropping, it was cloud 9 1/2. Endangered Ape and The Sharp Ends preformed mind blasting sets as usual. Pretty much best ever.

This weeks playlist:

Wilco – Radio Cure – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

*Eric’s Trip – Universal Dawn – Purple Blue

*Richard Laviolette and his Hollow Hooves – Stop Dancing – Aging Recycling Plant

Volcano Suns – Room with a View – All Night Lotus Party

*The Pine Tarts – City – Faux Foxes

*Plunt – Boner – Plunt

*The Bayonets!!! – Bus Link – NO ALBUM YET! GET ON IT BAYONETS!!!

Meercaz – Unlust – Meercaz

*Johnny and the G Rays – Trying to Change My Head – Every Twist Reminds

Telekinesis – Tokyo – Telekinesis!

The Love Language – Sparxxx – The Love Language

*Joel Plaskett – Though and Through and Through – Three

Pick of the Week:

Richard Laviolette and his Hollow Hooves!

Sasquatch Pre-Amp

Fleet (mother fucking- not that they would use that language…) Foxes.

So excited.

I didn’t do any programming for the third. Sorry friends.

I promise to post a Sasqautch pre-amp and maybe a couple picks of the week soon. Like maybe even later tonight or something.

Until then, enjoy this clip of Edmonton band The Famines. They wear tight pants, have $50.00 hair cuts, make design like its goin’ out of style and kill it live every time. I missed them when they rolled at GCBC on the 3rd but word on the street is that they are playing tomorrow here in Edmonton. whew.

This week I had meetings with a bunch of MLA’s. Two of which I follow on twitter. I used my superhero song again and again. In fact I carried a boom box in with me to play my superhero song. It was pretty ‘illin, ‘illin like Fresh Prince of Bel Air style. Word.

Artist – Song – Album * = Canadian (order in play order)

Philip Glass – Protest and Evening Song – Satyagraha

Rockwell – Deer Hunter Camp 17 – Anni Rossi

Bonnie Prince Billy – Beware Your Only Friends – Beware

*Doug Paisley – What About us – Doug Paisley

*Andre Ethier – The One Wine I Crave – Born of Blue Fog

*The Darling Demaes – Stomach Ghost – A Users Guide to Raising the Dead

*Bruce Peninsula – Shanty Song – A Mountain is a Mouth

*The Balconies – Battle Royale – The Balconies

*Hot Panda – Cold Hands/ Chapped Lips – Volcano…Bloody Volcano

*Hank – I Let her Join my Secret Society – The Luck of the Singers

*Shout Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships – Reintegration Time

*Handsome Furs Face Control – Office of Hearts – Handsome Furs Face Control

*Shout Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships – Reintegration Time

Speck Mountain – Fidelity Shake – Some Sweet Relief

The Love Language – Two Rabbits – The Love Language

June Modrona – Long Distance – Battle Grounds

Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling on a Line

Dan Auerbach – Real Desire – Keep It Hid

*A.C. Newman – Heartbreak Rides – Get Guilty

Pick of the Week: Andre Ethier. Amazing voice and songwriting. FTWL Jeff Buckley

Sasqautch pre-amp: King Khan and the Shrines, this is how it pays to live with people way cooler than yourself. 

This week was too awesome.  Driving  Dan Savage from Lethbridge to Calgary (more on that later…), finally seeing Rust Never Sleeps and hanging out with  Chad VanGaalen makes this  pretty much the best week of 2009.

This show was a little short but most definitely sweet.

Artist – Title Track – Album * = Canadian

*Paper Moon – What Are You Going to do With Me? – What Are You Going to do With Me?

*Mathias Mental – She’s A Character – The Happiest Boy in Montreal

Beruit – The Shrew – March of the Zapotec

*Tony Dekker – Eyes on the Prize – Song Sung Blue

*Meadowharklemon – Sand – Twists

*Julie Doiron – Me and my Friend – Woke Myself Up

Kris Kristofferson – Why Me? – The Austin Sessions

*Sunparlour Player – Pacifists Anthem – Hymns for the Happy

The Decemberists – A Cautionary Song (live)

Dan Auerbach – When the Night Comes – Keep it Hid

*Joel Plaskett Emergency – All the Pretty Faces – Truthfully, Truthfully

*The Dears – 22: The Death of all Romance – 22: The Death of all Romance LP

Pick of the week:  Sunparlour Player’s Pacifists Anthem. This band makes the best mustard I have ever eaten.  Seriously, order it. You’ll thank me.

I had another guest host on air this week. The lovely Mr. Curtis Fowke, and I chatted about legilization of marijauna, his mom and what it means to be a Lethbian, and then he burned me.


Artists – Album – Track Title * = Canadian

1. *Hey Rosetta! – I’ve Been Asleep for a Long Long Time – Into Your Lungs

2. Shearwater = Seventy Four, Seventy Five – Palo Santo

3. *Brent Randall and the Pinecones – Bluebirds Flowers and Other Things

4. Cut Off Your Hands – In the Name of Jesus Christ – You and I

5. *Meadow Harklemon – Hey You – Twists

6. *WoodPigeon – Anna, Girl in the Clocktower – Treasury Library Canada (from their recently released double disc TREASURY LIBRARY CANADA featuring HOUNDSTOOTH EUROPA. )

7. *Bruce Peninsula – Weave Myself a Dress – A Mountain is a Mouth

8. The National  – Fake Empire – Boxer

9. *Smothered in Hugs – Meet the Monster – The Healing Power of Injury

10. *Island – Kids Don’t Know Shit – Arms way

11. Cotton Jones – Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have) – Paranoid Cocoon

12. Plants and Animals – Bye, Bye, Bye – Parc Avenue

Pick of the Week: Cotton Jones. You just gotta check this shit out.

2008, what a year. So much happened that I can hardly believe it was only 365 days….ba bam!

A “too good to be true” year for music, with so much love coming through in sound format I could hardly stand it. I cut a lot in this program, but a top 10 picks of this year is coming shortly. I could go on about all the awesome releases and wicked shows this year but I am sure that from diligently keeping up with this blog, you are all too aware of what happened this year, so…

Picks of 2008 playlist:

Artist – Track Title- Album * = Canadian

1. *Katie Stelmanis– Join Us – Join Us

2. Wolf Parade – California Dreamer – At Mount Zoomer

3. TV in the Radio – Crying – Dear Science

4. Of Montreal – Gallery Piece – Skeletal Lamping

5. *Great Lake Swimmers – Eyes on the Prize – Song Sung Blue EP

6. *Brain Borcherdt – Coyotes – Coyotes

7. *Women – Black Rice – Women

8. *Safety Show – Blackwater – Safety Show

9. * Stolen Minks – Bring It – High Kicks

10. *Wicked Awesomes – Somewhere in Nowheresville – Alberta Boom! Compilation

11. David Byrne and Brain Eno – I Feel My Stuff – Everything that Happens will Happen Today

12. *Chad VanGaalen – Old Man and the Sea – Soft Airplane

13. *Brendan McGuigan – Teens in Love in Space – Synthosarus

14. *Stars – Going, Going, Gone – Sad Robots EP

15. *The Dears – Berlin Heart – Missiles

16. *Animal Names – Rolling Paper Airplanes- Oh Yes, You Better Do

17. 31 Knots – Strange Kicks – Worried

18. *Endangered Ape – Tales of a Survivalist Horror pt. 1 and pt. 2 – Alberta Boom! Compilation

Overall 2008 winner:

To Endangered Ape for putting on amazing shows and revitalizing Southern Alberta’s music scene as well as being a straight up kick ass band. Lethbridge collectively owes you guys a first born. A newer band with some very classic Lethbridge scene maintays, you couldn’t pack more talent into this lo-fi punk rock group. Not that I’m the only one who’s noticed these guys and with two successful tours this year, recording a holiday clasic and getting all the good press a new band could ask for, these guys are going to really blow up Alberta’s music scene.

Lethbridge is under a winter storm warning. I am well afraid to go outside….

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. Friendly Fires – Paris – Friendly Fires

2. Polysics – Mr. Psycho Psycho – Now Is the Time!

3. Of Montreal – I was Never Young – The Sunlandic Twins

4. *Contrived – Attention (black ops.) – Black, Blank, Blank

5. *Safety Show – The Uninvited – Blackwater

6. *Ghost House – Snow Day – The Old Ghost House

7. Shearwater – On the Death of the Waters – Rook

8. Jenny Lewis – Trying My Best to Love You – Acid Tongues

9. James Yorkston – Tortoise Regrets Hare – When the Haar Goes In

10. *Rah Rah – Tentacles – Going Steady

11. *The World Provider – Hard Feelings – Hard Feelings

12. *The Russian Futurists – The First Five Times – Do You Trust Your Friends?

13. *The Coast – All Farewells – The Coast

14. *Brian Borcherdt – While I Was Asleep – Coyotes

15. Okkervil River – Last Love Song for Now – Black Sheep Bpy Appendix

16. Los Campesinos – You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing – We are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

17. Sufjan Stevens – Dear Mr. Supercomputer – The Avalanche

18. Jonas Reinhart – Worm Punching the Struggling Fires – Jonas Rienhart

19. *The Ostrich – Tunafish Disaster Film – Alberta Boom! Mixtape

20. *The Wicked Awesomes – Somewhere in Noweheresville – Alberta Boom! Mixtape

21. *Endangered Ape – Last Shitmas

Pick of the Week: Tie between Endangered Ape’s (and company…) Holiday track “Last Shitmas” (recorded with many very very good friends, a pint of grown-up egg nog and around a hand held voice recorder with real live sleigh bells. E Ape, you are holiday spirit personified. xo) and Rah Rah’s “Tentacles” (which is a song I cannot get sick of, no matter how hard I try.)

Also, check out CBC Radio 3’s music news. A good source for a smattering of interesting things. That is, if you haven’t already heard about it on Twitter.