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Next program date:

Wednesday, July 29th. 3pm-5pm MST @ 88.5fm or



After a month and 1/2 of CJSR’s music director Aaron Levin’s desperate phone calls, I have finally consented to bringing my slick style to Edmonton’s air waves.

(truth – I just followed him around until he couldn’t take it anymore, plus, I can fill out SOCAN charts properly…)

Long story short, I will be back on air, this time in Alberta’s Capitol city.  No set show date, but Aaron did say that if I plugged his super rad, all-star side business (Buy shit from Cantor Records!) he would “make a sweet spot happen”* For the time being, inconsistent show times is the name of the game.

Get out those stylo pens and your moleskins. Current program times lined up:

Friday (June 19th) 11pm-midnight MST

Monday (June 22nd) 6pm-7pm MST

Monday (June 29th) 6pm-7pm MST

Get your requests in early, ’cause I am going RECORD SHOPPING this weekend.

As always, contact me on air with requests or for a friendly convo via twitter (JProssa) or the handy dandy blog comment box.

*He did not actually promise anythingof the sort, but surely a little sucking up doesn’t hurt.

Well, I am officially residing in the great capitol of Alberta, Edmonton and having a grand ‘ole time. Srlsy. Grand.This city is treating me great thus far and I have met a bevy of fantastic people.

However, I rather miss having a whole hour and a half to dominate the airwaves with my bad self. I can only hope the 6pm-7:30pm is rip roaring awesome and not subjected to the evils of boring pre programmed digital play lists.

I will be posting my last playlist ASAP, basically as soon as posting it won’t get me fired my job, which I am at right now. This blog post may beget some caning even.

I am still waiting by the phone for CKUA or CBC Edmonton to call me begging for me to join their talented roster to radio folk, but since offers are slow coming in I will be hitting the streets very soon to see what I can fandangle in Edmonton’s radio culture.

Until the future,

Miss JP

This show is dedicated to the lovely and oh-so-elusive Sasquatch…

Artist – Track title – Album * = Canadian content

1. *The New Pornographers – The Fake Headlines – Mass Romantic

2. Mates of State – Middle is Gold – Team Boo

3. *Destroyer – Shooting Rockets (From the desk of the night ape) – Trouble in Dreams

4. The National – A Reasonable Man (I don’t mind) – Cherry Tree

5. Okkervil River – In a Radio Song – Black Sheep Boy

6. Modest Mouse – Life Like Weeds – The Moon and Antarctica

7. The Mars Volta – Eunuch Provocateur – Tremulan EP

8. 65DaysofStatic – Goodbye, 2007 – The Distant and Mechanistic Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties EP

9. MIA – Boyz – KALA

10. the Breeders – Off You – Title TK

11. Death Cab for Cutie – Bixby Canyon Bridge – Narrow Stairs

12. The Flaming Lips – All we Have is Now -Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

13. The Hives – No Pun Intended – Tyrannosaurus Hives

14. Built to Spill – The Plan – Tire Trap 1994 -2006

15. Tegan and Sara – Like Oh, like h – The Con

16. The Flight of the Conchords – Hiphopoptamus vs. Ryhmeosaurus – Flight of the Conchords

Random Nation: (ran-dom na-shon): The mix tape you wish you could make.

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