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Well, I am back from the greatest adventure I have had this year! What a trip (as in road trip…not the other kind…ya know, that kind…). I am woefully boring tonight and have very little else to say other than Thom Yorke gave me a cold.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. Junkface – Atamakatahizaashi – PDX Pop Now! (v/a compilation)

2. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Maps – Fever To Tell

3. *The Brunettes – Everyone Has Nice Hands (In the Digital Age) – Nothing Ever Happens Here

3. The Walkmen – Canadian Girl – You and Me

4. Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden – Baroque Lullaby – Hearts and Daggers

5. *Azeda Booth – Ran – In Flesh Tones

6. *The Wicked Awesome’s – 80 Gigabyte ipod – See their MySpace

7. *Endangered Ape – Down With the Gullwing Door’s – See their MySpace

8. The Abbasi Brothers – The Social Evening (in 1992) – Something Like Nostalgia

9. Immovable Objects – I’m Not Depressed, I’m Existentialist Rock – Hoping it Stays This Broken

10. Pornopop – Nicotine and The Backward Lounge – And the Slow Songs About The Dead Calm in Your Arms

11. *Broken Social Scene – Lovers Spit – Bee Hives

12. *Young and Sexy – Your Enemy Asleep – Panic When you find It

13. The Flaming Lips – In the Morning of the Magician – Yoshimi Wins: Live Radio Album

14. *Woodpigeon – Knock Knock – Woodpigeon

15. Beck – Chemtrails – Modern Guilt

16. *The Pack AD – June -Funeral Mixtape


That is right boys and girls, no play list this week because I was too busy being awesome in Van City. Now, why was I in Vancouver last week? To see Radiohead of course!

Great show, wicked crowd. It poured, all night, which only served to make the show better. Thom Yorke barley spoke (and when he did, it was charming as hell) and the rest of the band spoke not at all. I missed most of The Liars, but they were pretty rad from what I saw. Really, nothing I can say will convey the absolute greatness that the show was so I will end it here. Check out the setlist…the end, very last song, Thom/Radiohead gave the audience a choice between Paranoid Android or Idioteque. I guess there were a lot of OK Computer fans in the audience as Paranoid Android won right out. That’s ok, it fit the show and it just means I must see Radiohead again to get to dance to Idioteque.

More bragging rights’s:

Cute couple, right?

Cute couple, right?

After the after party...

After the after party...

That’s right, me and the members of Of Montreal kickin’ it at Sled Island. One more amazing perk of fesitval goodness.

This is my playlist. More importantly, I am so stoked to go to Van City and see RADIOHEAD!!! CAPS LOKS ON THE REST OF THE SHOW! If you’re a vancouverite feel free to holla at me and we should hook up! Well, you know what I mean, meet up, not hook up….oh jeez…this is awkward.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes

2. *Adam and the Ameythsts – The Ocean to Me – Amethyst Amulets

3. The Avrett Brothers – Bella Donna – Second Gleam

4. *Great Lake Swimmers – Moving Pictures Silent Films

5. *The Paper Cranes – I Love You Until my Veins Explode – Halcyon Days

6. *The Awkward Stage – Only Good Days Caught on Camera – Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights

7. *Said the Whale – Fish and Stars II – Taking Aba Lonia

8. *Brendan Canning – Antique Bull – Something for All of Us

9. *The Dears – End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story – End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story

10. *Endangered Ape – Variations on a Theme – (no album, check out thier myspace for now…)

11. *Women – Black Rice – Women

12. My Education – Sluts and Maniacs – Bad Vibrations

13. *Azeda Booth – Numberguts – In Flesh Tones

14. Benajamin Wetherill – Black Waterslide – Laura

15. Inara George – Rough Design – An Invitation

16. *Ruby Coast – Neighbourhood – Ruby Coast

17. *Greentbelt Collective – Seventh Grade – GBCL Compilation II

18. Mar – Icarus – The Sound

Todays show is on in T minus 3 hours and 9 minutes. After missing last weeks show I am jonesing for some good radio time.

Sadly my plans on going to the Sasquatch music festival have been rained on and forced to recede faster than the Germans did from the Russian front line so tonight’s show will feature all the artists I wish I was seeing in the next couple days. Be ready for some awesome music and a mopey host.

To prepare for your conflicted radio future, heres a little tidbit I picked up from Sterogum. Starbucks is putting out yet another compilation for the coffee lover, this time a whole latte of Sonic Youth. (sorry, that was pretty bad….blame my Sasquatch despair…). Anyways, click on the link to check more…

I recently counted myself as a Starbucks employee and I have come to believe the company releases these somewhat awesome comp’s and carry good music as much for the employee’s benefit as the customers. There is only so many times you can hear Alicia Keys before wanting to just put your ear to the blender….Really, Starbucks carrying Radiohead and Sonic Youth is a straight up blessing for us lowly Batista’s.

Moral of the story: Starbucks patrons – feel free to request awesome music any time you want!

Stay tuned for this weeks playlist.