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Radio friends, fans and distant stalkers.

Some sad news must grace this blog from time to time, and this is one of those times.

I will be leaving CKXU….for a few months anyways. I am making my way up north to the land of the Gold Rush, Bowls of Sugar and Blackbyrds.

Which means I will be taking a leave of absence from my weekly CKXU program, Random Nation…. which means tonight’s program will be my second to last.

As usual, I will bring to your ears some wicked indie rock, both old and new but you I ask to give me a little something back. A request, maybe two! Feel free to hit me up here, in the comment box below. Leave a band you would like to hear and I will make those records glow.

I will be attempting to con CJSR into allowing me on air, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements.


Miss JP


Last night, I joined Lethbridge lo-fi favorites Endangered Ape and a few special guest’s to record a soon-to-be classic Christmas song. 6 takes, 5 glasses of grown- up egg nog and 1 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer claymation special later we put together a memory which may take years to forget.

Infused with real live sleigh bells and enough Christmas cheer to make even Santa want to throw up, this track is nothing but sheer love and happiness.

Lyrics and track available at E Ape’s blog.

But if you can wait, I will be airing it tonight on CKXU during my  live radio show tonight.

This years FUNdrive playlist. Short and sweet but all Canadian and all awesome!

Thanks Cassandra for co-hosting with me! We gave away some sweet prizes and will be hanging around, answering phones and giving CKXU love all week long! Phone into pledge 329 2400!

Artist – Album – Track Title * = Canadian

1. *The Evaporators – Tellin’ Youth the Truth – Gassy Jack and Other Tales (Nardwuar! The Campus-Community radio guru! Check him out at CiTR

2. *Women – Black Rice – Women (Calgary’s own! Local rocks! Check ’em at or from this article in Calgary’s independent newspaper FFWD.)

3. *The Coast – All Farewells – The Coast (From Halifax! I interviewed them! They’re really nice and cute!)

4. *Endangered Ape – Down with the Gullwing Doors – Endagered Ape (Local – Lethbridge! Awesome people! Great Vinyl collections held by several band members! Check ’em out on myspace or CKXU events!!)

5. *Sloan – Can’t Face Up – One Chord to Another (I also interviewed them! Well, Jay Ferguson. We talked about his socks….!)

6. *The Stolen Minks – Bring it – High Kicks (Also form Halifax! They once called me super nice and awesome through their blog. I was smitten.)

That does it for this week but phone and pledge for some wicked CKXU swag! 403 329 2400 or