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Radiohead in Vancouver. August. Be still my beating heart.

In other thoughts… what is up with all the well….boring….music fest. line up’s.

I am not against any music at all, and a lot of people really love Metallica, and Jack Johnson (although I doubt the cross over fans are many) but to me music festivals are a place to check out NEW music. The greatest part of festivals is four days to wander from stage to stage and being able to check out all these amazing acts, some new and some old fav’s for one lump sum.

Growing up in Calgary, I have volunteered with the Calgary Folk Fest since I was 11 years old. Thats about 10 years now. When I hear music festival I always go back to those years as a teenager. Sitting on a lush patch of grass in the hot sun with hundreds of others who love what they’re hearing as much as I do. Wandering around, seeing this and that and hearing sounds come from groups of musicians. Impromtu jan sessions. Seeing Neko Case and Luke Ducet jam together.

Looking at the Coachella and the Bonnaroo line up’s I cannot help to be dissapointed. I know every name on that list and am throughly bored already.

Break some ground people! The Coachella line up has some very predicatable names but I am pretty stoked for Sons&Daughters, The National, Hot Chip, the return of Flogging Molly, Bonde do Role, and a few others. But really, I could road trip it to Van and see all these and more local up and coming acts with less hassel, less crowds and the ability to drink plain old tap water.

Check out the PDX Pop Now! line up. With Junkface, Swim Swam Swum, and The Vonneguts all up, this festival is everything that festivals should be:

“PDX Pop Now! is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and enhancing Portland’s vital and diverse music community. We also strive to connect this community, in various ways, to the public.

Begun in 2004 in true DIY fashion by a dozen or so members of the PDX-POP mailing list, the group has produced three music compilations and FREE, ALL AGES multi-day music festivals, to which The Shins, The Thermals, Sleater-Kinney, The Decemberists, Viva Voce, Stephen Malkmus, Lifesavas, Quasi, M. Ward, Menomena, The Blow, Mirah, Talkdemonic, The Gossip, Helio Sequence, and dozens more Portland artists – nationally-heralded and little-known alike – contributed recordings or performances.

The PDX Pop Now! festivals – which have provided the public the opportunity to see up to 50 of Portland’s finest bands in one safe venue -have drawn audiences in the thousands. The compilations have generated considerable play from local FM radio and have sold thousands of combined copies, mostly through local independent record stores, and helped fund the festivals.

Artists, businesses, and individual volunteers all donated the time and resources to produce three truly stellar grassroots events – something PDX Pop Now! stands poised to accomplish for a fourth year.”

How great does that sound? Everything wicked is in that paragraph. That is why I love festivals.