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Lethbridge will be mad reppin’ at this years Sled Island.

Both Endangered Ape and new “girl group on acid” Myelin Sheaths (ft. Girl O’Clock and Joel of Boys from Nowhere infamy) will be playing.

To wet your appetite, a little E Ape from my backyard. A slightly old line up but pure rawk.:


Oh man, Saturday’s Sled Island pre-party/fundraiser was fucking amazing. I didn’t think Fucked Up could top their last year’s Sled Island show where he preformed with a still bleeding forehead injury, self induced by smashing a beer bottle, smashing a beer bottle on himself. However, I was proven so very wrong and for the first time in my life I was ok with it. The energy, the climbing, the pant dropping, it was cloud 9 1/2. Endangered Ape and The Sharp Ends preformed mind blasting sets as usual. Pretty much best ever.

This weeks playlist:

Wilco – Radio Cure – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

*Eric’s Trip – Universal Dawn – Purple Blue

*Richard Laviolette and his Hollow Hooves – Stop Dancing – Aging Recycling Plant

Volcano Suns – Room with a View – All Night Lotus Party

*The Pine Tarts – City – Faux Foxes

*Plunt – Boner – Plunt

*The Bayonets!!! – Bus Link – NO ALBUM YET! GET ON IT BAYONETS!!!

Meercaz – Unlust – Meercaz

*Johnny and the G Rays – Trying to Change My Head – Every Twist Reminds

Telekinesis – Tokyo – Telekinesis!

The Love Language – Sparxxx – The Love Language

*Joel Plaskett – Though and Through and Through – Three

Pick of the Week:

Richard Laviolette and his Hollow Hooves!

Sasquatch Pre-Amp

Fleet (mother fucking- not that they would use that language…) Foxes.

So excited.

This week marks my first return to my much loved booth for two whole weeks. Thats a very long time in radio land. Kinda like cat years…or dog years, if your into that sorta thang.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian

1. *Crista Courture – Waterfall – The Wedding Signer and the Undertaker

2. *Dan Mangan – Journal of a Narcoleptic – Postcards and Daydreams

3. Nathan Moomaw – September – 26

4. *Moon Socket – Radio – A Seppy Records Tribute to Snailhouse Compalation

5. *Wooden Stars – Gold Dust – People are Different

6. *The Mowhawk Lodge – Making Music – Rare Birds

9. *Julie Doiron – Its okay to stare – Heart and Crime

10. *Aaron Booth – We Don’t Pretend – Back Stories

11. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Acoustic) – The Avalanche

12. *Woodpigeon – A Sad Country Ballad for a Tired Superhero

13. * Young and Sexy – Peer Through the Lock

14. Beirut – Elephant Gun – Lou Grisland

15. *Islands – Life in Jail – Arms Way

16. Spoon – I Turn my Camera on – Gimme Fiction

17. *Broken Social Scene – market fresh – Bee Hives

18. *Hey Rosetta! – New Goodbye – Into Your Lungs

19. *Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Hey Josie – Black and White Phonetics (love.)

Sled Island looks wicked killer. So killer I am not going to even make you click on a link to get the full line up. Just check it here. (Just in case you a)like clicking or b) don’t believe me here is the link) I have also made a lovely legend to show you what I think (side note – remember making legends in elementary…fun times):

$ = Local! Either Calgary, Edmonton or Lethbridge and all the small towns in between (disclaimer – I have decent musical knowledge of local acts but not extensive. If I miss one/two/ten let me know!)

* = I can’t wait to see. As in holding my breathe can’t wait to see.

^ = I have seen, they’re great. Life is gonna be awesome

Aaron Booth ($^*)
The Absent Sound
Apostle of Hustle
Axis of Conversation ($^*)
Azeda Booth ($^*)
Beija Flor*
Bend Sinister*
Bil Hetherington and the Asian Tigers
The Blakes
The Blind Shake
Blind Tiger, Tiger $
Blitzen Trapper
The Blood Lines
The Brenda Vaqueros
Broken Social Scene^*
Broken West
Capital RRR’s
Carolyn Mark*
Chad VanGaalen$*
Chris Gheran
Christian Hansen and the Autistics $
The City Streets $
Clinton St. John
The Clips
The Coast*
The Consonant C $*
The Cops$
Cripple Creek Fairies
The Cryptomaniacs
Curtis Santiago
Dan Deacon
Darren Frank
The Details*
The Dirty Dirty North
The Dodos
Dojo Workhorse
Dragon Fli Empire
Drive-By Truckers
Elliott Brood*^
Endangered Ape $*
Extra Golden
Fake Shark Real Zombie!
The Fast Romantics
Forest Tate Fraser
Francis Cheer
Fucked Up
The Funfuns
Ghost Bees
Grizzly Bear*
Ground Up
The Gutter Twins
Hawaiian Bibles
Heat Ray $
The Hermit
Hot Little Rocket ($*^)
Hunter Gatherer
Jane Vain & the Dark Matter$
Jesse Dangerously &
Jon McKiel
Jonathan Richman
Jose Gonzalez*
Junior Pantherz
Kara Keith and Your Dignity$*
Katie Stelmanis
Key to The City
Kris Ellestad ($^*)
Langhorne Slim
Leeroy Stagger$
Library Voices
Life Like Cobra
lonely hunters
Luther Wright
The Madcowboys
The Martyr Index

Matt Masters

The Mohawk Lodge*
Morgan Greenwood
Mother Mother
Nathan Godfrey
The Neckers
The Neighborhood Council
Nina Nastasia
No Age
Of Montreal^*
Okkervil River*
The Ostrich
Painted Birds
The Paperbacks*
Paul James Coutts & Chains
Ramblin’ Ambassadors
Random Task Collective
Raphaelle Standell-Preston
Ricca Razor Sharp & DJ Jetleg
Rich Aucoin
Rio Bent
Rock Plaza Central
Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
RZA as Bobby Digital featuring Stone Mecca
The Secret Machines
The Secret Twins
Scott MacLeod
Scout Niblett
7 and 7 is $
Seven Story Redhead
Shuyler Jansen
SIDS ($^*)
snic $
Spiral Stairs
Still Flyin’
The Stolen Organ Family Band
The Suicide Wrists
Sunparlour Players
Sweater Contest*
The Teenage Popes
Tegan and Sara ($^*)
These Hands
The Tetraktys
Tren Brothers
The Uncas
The Unwanted
The Vicious Crystals
Vitamins For You
The Von Zippers
The Warbrides
The Wet Secrets $
The Whitsundays $
Womb Baby
Women $
Yo La Tengo*
Young and Sexy*