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This years FUNdrive playlist. Short and sweet but all Canadian and all awesome!

Thanks Cassandra for co-hosting with me! We gave away some sweet prizes and will be hanging around, answering phones and giving CKXU love all week long! Phone into pledge 329 2400!

Artist – Album – Track Title * = Canadian

1. *The Evaporators – Tellin’ Youth the Truth – Gassy Jack and Other Tales (Nardwuar! The Campus-Community radio guru! Check him out at CiTR

2. *Women – Black Rice – Women (Calgary’s own! Local rocks! Check ’em at or from this article in Calgary’s independent newspaper FFWD.)

3. *The Coast – All Farewells – The Coast (From Halifax! I interviewed them! They’re really nice and cute!)

4. *Endangered Ape – Down with the Gullwing Doors – Endagered Ape (Local – Lethbridge! Awesome people! Great Vinyl collections held by several band members! Check ’em out on myspace or CKXU events!!)

5. *Sloan – Can’t Face Up – One Chord to Another (I also interviewed them! Well, Jay Ferguson. We talked about his socks….!)

6. *The Stolen Minks – Bring it – High Kicks (Also form Halifax! They once called me super nice and awesome through their blog. I was smitten.)

That does it for this week but phone and pledge for some wicked CKXU swag! 403 329 2400 or


Well, despite the technical difficulties I had in posting this contest (crazy Blackberry….where are you when I need you?) we have a winner!

Congratulations Howsoonis08! You have won two lovely and good looking tickets to SLOAN!

Sloan Contest!



That’s right boys and girls, here it is, the one time only chance for YOU to get one lovely pair of Sloan tickets for Monday’s show.

Just only little skill testing questions for you to answer…the first person to answer correctly wins!

Drum roll please:

What year was Sloan first nominated for a Juno?

Now, get your little fingers typing on that keyboard in the comment box with the answer and some form of contact information so you can win! First one to answer correctly wins!


This weeks playlist is wrought with literary references and a Sloan contest! Why a Sloan contest? Well….

SLOAN IS COMING TO LETHBRIDGE.  Caps Lock was very very necessary. Sloan, right here in Lethbridge Monday September 22nd. Which is this Monday coming up! Excited!

I am running a contest to win two tickets, one pair, to Sloan for the 22nd. How it works:

At 7:30pm I will be posting a Sloan trivia question on this blog. The first person to correctly answer the trivia question in the comment box will win a pair of tickets to SLOAN! Woot.

So, stay tuned to CKXU 88.3fm and log onto this blog at 7:30pm for all your dreams to come true.

Now, on with the show…

This weeks playlist:

artist – track title – album  * = Canadian

1. The Notwist – Good Lies – The Devil, You and Me

2. *The Paper Cranes – Middle Class Guilt – Halcyon

3. *Novillero – The Prank Note – A Little Tradition

4. The Wombats – Patricia the Stripper – A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation

5. *Taking Aba Lonia – Lady Hourglass, Your Heads on Fire

6. *Vancouger – (I Hope Your) Money (Keeps You Warm) – Canadian Tuxedo

7. Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy – Dorian Grey – Sharing a Head

8. The Exploding Club – Forever – Freedom Wind

9. Herman Dune – Pure Hearts – 1-2-3/ Apple Tree EP

10. King Khan and The Shrines – Took My Lady To Dinner – The Supreme Genius Of…

11. *Women – Group Transport Hall – Women

12. *Human Kind – Romancing the Dark – It Will All End in Tears

13. Endless Boogie – Executive Focus – Focus

14. The Plastic Constellations – We Are Genius Millionaires – We Will Appreciate You

15. King Darves – This Ivory – The Sun Splits for the Blind Swimmers

16. *Beef Donut – Equally Awesome – Triple Back Flips into the Splits

17. *Wolf Parade – Call it a Ritual – At Mount Zoomer

18. Mates of State – Great Dame – Re-Arrange Us

19. Library Voices – Things We Took from Vonneguts Grave – Hunting Ghosts

20. *Alena Manera – Patchwork – Alena Manera EP

21. Butcher the Beat – Sex Szene – Sleep at your Own Speed